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I won't break your horse, I'll gentle him..."

"Between the rider and the ground is the grace of God" 

Make 2021 the year of positive change for you and your horse.


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270 Mendon Street Upton, MA 01568  

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Ask The Horse Trainer

There is no charge for current or potential New England clients.

If You are not in the New England Area, but still have questions

about horse training, horse behavior or transistioning to Dr. Cook's bitless bridle? With over 40 years of experience, I'm here to help!

Halter breaking, aggression, stall behavior, problem loader, trailer safety, trail riding, stubborn, shooting off horseback, versatility, new horse and more. Give me a call from 7:30 am-8:30 pm EST I will be happy to answer your questions 15 or 30 minutes.  Pay securely through

paypal, buy now button, then give me a call. Lets talk!

Time limit 15 0r 30 min

Maggie's second ride under saddle.

I specialize in starting colts and rehabilitating problem horses. I have been training horses for over 30 years. Born in Southern California, brought up in the western tradition. I am a proud daughter of rodeo-bareback bronc rider, trick rider, and horse trainer Kathie Jo Hatrick.


Cathie helped MA State Police officers with a trailer loading Problem, then was asked back to present a clinic in 2018

Working with multiple officers and thier mounts from MSP, Boston Parks, Plymouth County, Providence PD, and

Worcester PD It was a successful day of non stop training in Acton, MA.



Transplanted to MA I have been training professionally in New England for over 24 years. Don't let the fact that I ride western discourage you. 85% of my clients ride English. Most prefer to ride using a bitted bridle. I like to remove the bit to address the problem, then go back to the bit should you require it for showing.

A problem horse is any breed, color, or discipline. I've helped dressage riders with their Holsteiners, Friesians, Oldenburgs and Dutch Warmbloods. I have helped back yard riders with ALL types of breeds. Just because I prefer to ride bitless does not mean I can't help you to get your horse softer in his bitted bridle; I do this on a regular basis.

                          I Come To Your Facility, Farm or Backyard!

I can help you achieve great results, with gentle but firm training methods that I have developed from a lifetime of riding horses! Not just in small confined areas, but in the CA cactus covered foothills and the woods of upstate NY where I spent a good portion of my youth.

Don't send your horse to "The Trainers" ( I am confident I can help you with whatever behavioral problems you may be experiencing. I encourage your hands on participation up to your comfort level. No secret training methods.

I WILL take your horse in for training board if you prefer, but your participation is mandatory for success.

 Maybe you just want to be able to catch your horse in a large pasture, lunge him without fear, or learn a few round pen techniques. I ask my clients to make a list. I am usually able to address every issue in our first session. (Most problems are fixed in 1-3 visits)

 Does your horse bite, kick, charge, crowd, or intimidate you in any way? Does he dance in the cross-ties, not tie at all, refuse to stand to be mounted? Does he jig balk buck or rear? Yank the reins out of your hands, ignore the bit? Is he hard to tack up. Disrespectful/fearful of the vet or farrier?

 Does he refuse to leave the barn, get on a trailer? I encourage video taping, so you can refer to our session again and again. Many times the difference between success and failure is simply "body position" Sometimes it's the lack of following through with a request.

 Click on my many youtube videos from the link at the top of the page, (please watch the adds as I get paid pennies that add up) there is bound to be some footage of the same problem you are having right now. How long are you willing to wait to improve your relationship with your horse?

I will travel within a 60-100 mile radius of my Upton, Massachusetts farm. (Some exceptions.) I have traveled to every state in New England and as far west as Idaho to train!    


Aug 11th 2012 Cathie and Ruger
I was invited to present a half time act for equine extremist Tommie Turvey at the Second Company Governor's Horse Guard

                                                                                   Gift Certificates Always Available


Horsemanship lessons starting at $50.00 Horseback riding lesson $65.00  Horse training session $80.00 (truck into Bobcat Farm) I'll travel to your farm/facility two hr min. Plus farm call. 

Natural Horsemanship Training

I have not used this term in ages as it can cause a gag reflex in many potential clients. Fact is, this is the type of training I do. Please don't hold it against me. This is no way implies that I am soft, I do NOT use treats to train, except for when I am trick training my own horse, or in the case of a problem loader, after they have come in, not to coax them in.  I am very generous with praise for the slightest try, but I am swift to correct any  dangerous behavior.

Dr. Driftwood AKA Ruger

                                                                                     Photo  by Jeanne Lewis

                  Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association MA State Ladies High Point Champion 2016, 2018, 2019 2020


                   I purchased this Reg Quarter Horse from South Dakota as a 16 month old.

Ruger was first trained to drive, and gently started under saddle in Dr Cook's western bitless bridle at 2 1/2 although we had cantered while team penning, cowboy mounted shooting, and versatility competitions, I waited till  Ruger's 5th year to ask him to canter more than a lap or two in my ring as it's not that large just an 85 ft round pen. Ruger has been just amazing. He's done 4 parades, Equine Affaire's Versatile Horse and Rider Contest, as the youngest horse entered 3 years running, placing 21st out of 30 with just a few short months under saddle. He placed 12th out of 30 in 2010, and 11th on 11/11/2011 There was no VHRC contest at Equine Affaire in 2012.....Although they brought the contest back in 2013 we only placed 13th out of 30. As with judged events there's much room for error with the scoring etc. Ruger did an amazing job finishing the course in 6 minutes 7 seconds with a qualifying time.

Ruger lived up to his name placing first in Ladies level 2 at the North East Regional Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competition in 2010 just his 5th event ever. Placing over many seasoned  level 3 shooting horse/rider teams. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race.

We had not been doing to much shooting just 2 competititons s in 2012 and 3 a year in 2013- 2015 as we have no time to practice and as a team and we are just two slow to be competitive. Between a full team penning seasons, versatility competitions, training horses and farm work we keep pretty busy. At the end of 2014  Ruger and I won our Ladies 2 class in a field of tough competitors. It took us 4 years to win our class again, as the first one was in an indoor, and he just does not have the speed in the larger arenas. We went back at it in 2015 and have been practicing traveling and started shooting shotgun at these events as a ladies levl 4  (dropping the reins while holding the double barrel coach gun, shooting balloons at a gallop. We have tons of fun win or lose!

To see us live in action Click Here


                                                                                Shesa Faint Echo AKA Cachina

                                                                                                                        Photo by Jon Woolf

I purchased this lovely APHA paint as a un started two year old. I started her at my farm at a colt start clinic along with two other young horses. She has been an amazing horse. She does parades,  versatility, team penning, driving in a cart and sleigh. She brought me to a Ladies 3 in Cowboy Mounted Shooting. She was gone for 4 years, sat mostly idle. Took me over a year to get her back to normal, at 13 years old she had become afraid of everything including people.  Click here to see her other talent.  2015 at her first shoot since coming back to Bobcat Farm we won our class at the New Hampshire State Shoot. 

2019 Cachina was awarded Northeast Six Shooter Legend Horse Award This award is given to a horse

          who has made a distinct impact on this sport, displays excellence, aided horses and riders new to this sport.

She's been at this sport since 2005 and has taken care of a lot of new riders. To see her in action Click Here. Were are now a senior ladies 4

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If you would like to share your thoughts about how I have helped you,

please send me an email and I will be happy to add it to my testimonials.

I appreciate every one!

Last updated 12/29/2020


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