2012 Clinic Schedule


First clinic of the season  -  Friday March 3oth 2012

Mont Vernon NH


Your wish is my command clinic!
Sat. April 7th 2012 9:00 am - till the day is done
77 Old Milford Rd
Mont Vernon, NH

Clinic Spot $90.00 - 100.00 depending on how many sign up, spots available
Spectators $10.00
Call Kelly @ 603-320-3187 or Cathie @ 508-479-5266
Tell me your issue and we will work on whatever you and tour horse, want/need!

We had a great time, I come to this farm often, if you missed this one, and are in the area, we could do this again.


Transition to Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle Clinic
Topsfield Fairgrounds
April 28th 2012

Click here for Flyer



 May 5 & 6, 2012 

        Hosted by Hillside Meadows Equestrian Center - 111 George Hill Rd. Grafton, MA 

    I will be presenting a trailer loading demo as well as transition to Dr. Cooks bitless bridle.  On May 5th Do you have a horse you'd like to transition to bitless?  It's FREE!!!!!!!!!!


"Her specialty in training problem trailer loaders was well presented as she worked with a reluctant pony. By using a trailer loading simulation to set the ground work away from the trailer, the pony knew what was expected from Cathie’s cues as he was brought to the trailer. Cathie’s firm but patient approach paid off with the pony self loading."  Lori Milne


Private Clinic at Black Cat Farm Hanover MA

Tuesday May 29th 2012

Back again to work with several horses as well as a "problem loader" a few miles away.

Cost was $106.00 per person for a private hour

Get a few people together at your farm and get rid of your trouble areas.



Private Clinic at October Farm   Norfolk MA    

        Friday June 8th  2012 I am back again to work with boarders horses on what ever problems they are experiencing.


 Versatility Clinic
Goffstown NH

June 15th  and16th 2012
Hosted by Yankee Walkers
At Horse Feathers Academy

Time Friday 12:00 - 4:00 pm

Sat 9:30-4:00pm

Auditors $15.00
Learn how to safely teach your horse to negotiate obstacles with curiosity and willingness.
Approach to obstacles will be addressed as this very important for success. After your session you can "play on the course yourself while the next horse is worked with.

Included in the fee, extra time with Cathie at end of this clinic to work on any trouble spot.
For more information/directions, or to register call Julie or Cathie

Julie Dillion @ (603) 289-1174 or Cathie @ (508) 479-5266



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