2013 Clinic Schedule

Monday Sept 23rd

If you missed the last clinic in Mont Vernon, NH we are going to do it again as we had more interest!

 A $50.00  non-refundable deposit made out to Cathie Hatrick-Anderson will hold your spot.

If we have to cancel due to rain, you will get your full deposit check back

First hour is $70.00 second hour is $60.00 you can choose a one or two hour spot.

The farm call of $100.00 (it's almost 4 hours of driving for me)

will be divided among the horses that truck in.

If we have 4 outside horses attend, the  farm call is $25.00 your total is $95.00 private hour, me and you, one on one!

If you require two hours (trailer loading) or anything else that you think we need more time with. The first hour is $70.00 the second hour is $60.00

So you split the partial farm call of $25.00

       $ 155.00 total for two hours one on one.
If I have five out side horses price goes down.

$10.00 to audit/spectate.

This is a facebook response about attending the last clinic.


First off let me just say I'm so glad I did..... I had a fabulous time, it was great weather being around great horse folks but most of all learning KICK ASS horse handing skills.... You can never learn too much and today I took a ton home!!! Thank you to everyone there!!!!!! I watched some horses transform in amazing ways in short time..... Just awesome!!!!

Same person on equine site when asked about a natural horsemanship trainer....
 I went to a Cathie Hatrick Anderson of Bobcat farm Clinic and I gotta say SHES AMAZING!!! I know one of the horses who attended and he has trailer loading issues, within 30 min he was self loading on the trailer!!!!!! I would use her hands down shes amazing, honest and fair and has a great connection with horses!!!!


Monday Sept 9th

77 Old Milford Road, Mont Vernon, NH

Kelly is hosting this clinic,

We have 4 or five horses signed up, room for more!
This is from the facebook page for those that did not get it.

Kelly Parliman's event from Facebook.
 Cathie Hatrick Anderson of Bobcat Farm in Upton, MA specializes in colt starting and solving behavior issues for horses. She has a unique set of skills for communicating consistently and fairly with horses to develop safe behaviors. Her many years of experience with horses has prepared her to teach basic ground skills to horses and humans, successfully start horses under saddle and in harness, quickly correct and reverse dangerous behaviors, earn the trust of timid and sensitive horses, and create confidence for safe trailer loading and negotiating obstacles. Do you have a horse you need help with. Cathie will tailor training sessions to your needs.

We can set up Versatility/trail obstacles and or create a trailer simulator if you would like help with either of these areas. We will have a potluck lunch.

Participants will pay Cathie $90 an hour which includes a portion of her travel cost. If you would like an additional hour or your horse requires more time it will be $60. A $50 deposit will be require to hold a spot for your horse.
You can call Kelly (603) 320-3187 to sign up, call me with any questions.

Auditor Fee $10  


 Intro to versatility training.

Jan 16th 2013

starts at 7:30 after the meeting


Versatility Clinic - Mass Quarter Horse Association April 6th 2013

                                          I received a phone call on April 2nd that this was cancelled. I apologize this was NOT cancelled by me.


    Bay State Trail Riders Association

 The May 11th clinic was changed to  June 15th 2013

                                                  From The Bugle -Bay State Trail Rider Association's news letter

                                                              Versatility Clinic with Cathie Hatrick-Anderson

This was an interesting clinic and a bit of an eyeopener. Cathie Hatrick-Anderson taught the clinic and I was very impressed with the job that she did. Learning to send you horse over an obstacle as opposed to riding over the obstacle was interesting indeed.
In this clinic I played with one of my horses, Junior. Now, keep in mind that he has been out on the trails his whole life and bridges are not an issue with him.So when I came to send him over the “bridge”obstacle, I fully expected him to just walk over it.
Not quite what happened. And I can’t blame it on the artificial flowers on the sides either. After some work, he did finally decided to walk up on the bridge. But instead of continuing on, he just stopped.OK, what do I do now? This exercise on sending them over is releasing the pressure at the obstacle itself so they basically make the decision to do it themselves. So, was I supposed to apply pressure in the no pressure zone or just wait until he woke up from his nap on the bridge and may-be move on??? This is where I hollered CATHIE-what do I do?????
Cathie figured since he was over the half-way mark it was OK to ask him to move along.Junior also turned out to be the most stubborn one on the “tarp with water” in it. No way he was going to touch that. I was patient with him and kept working at it.And yes, you are right, this gave me some major homework.
It was pretty cool to see the improvement with the other horses in the clinic and how Cathie worked with the issues that each one presented. Cheryl’s horse did real well considering it was just the third time that she had taken him out.Jane got to bring her other horse to Cathie this time and was well settled in. Kathy’s horse did well on the obstacles but had some work on just relaxing.
                                                               Thank you Cathie for a great clinic.
                                                                                                     Becky Kalagher,
                                Allowing Junior to rest at obstacle, he has to work when he's not thinking about it.

Versatility Clinic at Bobcat Farm May 18th

Due to a greater interest to participate in this versatility clinic in Douglas MA I will be holding another one at my farm in Upton MA $70.00 per hourly session one on one.

spectators $10.00  - Free to BSTRA members

Me, you, and your horse. We will work on how to approach obstacles on the ground and under saddle. If you don't have a horse to use, you can use mine. Same price. After all participants have had their private session we will troubleshoot any problems for a full additional hour at the end. Pizza and soft drinks included in entry for paid participants. Available for purchase for spectators. Trail ride out back after if you'd like. Neg coggins required.

(508) 479-5266

9:00 am -3:00 pm



The Clinic You wanted .... If you don't see what you want, call me and we can put one together.



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