2016 Clinic Schedule

June 3rd Private Clinic Barn in Holliston Ma

(if you would like to host one at you farm, please call and we'll set one up)

July 2nd Summer Versatility Clinic (rain date July 3rd)

10:00 am- 5:00pm  Room for spectators clinic is full thank you!

Spectators $15.00 for the day $10 if you pre-register.

Ruger asked for his own pool.

 This horse and owner came to the clinic a day after the two  day event in spring, to take advantage of a private session.




Spring Versatility Clinic - April 16th and 17th 2016

$75.00 for an hour in hand and mounted, then stay after to play on the course for as long as you wish.

A private hour on whatever you need help with A check for the full amount reserves your spot. (Made out to Cathie) Play on the course as long as you want afterwards. Get ready for the 2016 competitions or just improve your relationship with your horse. Water hazards, bridges, rope gates, tarps, balls, brooms, hula hoops and more! Work on what YOU want to achieve. Great way to improve your trail riding when meeting trail hazards. 10:00 - 4:30 pm Speactators $15.00 for the day - 10.00 if you pre register. rain date July 2nd Sat the 16th is full Sunday 17th full

SATURDAY CLINIC IS FULL THANK YOU! - Still room for spectators.

SUNDAY CLINIC IS FULL THANK YOU! - Still room for spectators

I have added Monday for private hour sessions on the versatility course that I will leave up after the weekend clinic. Afternoon spots are still available.


(508) 479-5266



    Participant at former clinic 2014 -Success!                                              Sucess at the pool for another participant.

 "Great clinic!! I've competed successfully in versatility but my horse's nemesis was always the swimming pool. Thank you so much Cathie for helping Magnum to understand that the pool is nothing to be worried about either on the end of a lunge line or with me on his back. I'm going to find a pool like your's so Magnum and I can practice your technique!! Norma Fay

Great working session for both of us at this clinic. My mare (not pitured) had previous issues with tires before and at the end of the day was walking through these obstacles like a pro. Thank you Cathie. Patience and convidence proved success. And you can bet she found the alfalfa cube if there was one to find! Helen Cheney

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