2017 Clinic Schedule

Thursday Sep 14th 5:00 pm



Confidence Building Clinic for Fearful Riders

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Hosted by Teri Young and Jessica Nelson

Sunday, September 17 at 10 AM - 1 PM

285 S Sugar Hill Rd, Weare, NH 03281-6023

We have all had our fair share of oops moments while riding I'm sure.. many of us have also unfortuneatly had wrecks of some sort that have instilled a fear which in some cases has been crippling in our love for riding... Some people even go as far as to walk away from horses all together when something like this happens..Some of us choose to stick with it as much as we can but still have such a fear that we just can't shake. I am one of those! I used to be a person who would ride any horse no matter what the horse did, if it was hot or calm..After being in a riding accident while barrel racing over 10 years ago, I became an extremely fearful rider. Nowadays I basically choose to only ride a horse I know exceptionally well that I have never seen take a step wrong with anyone else ( and am still scared out of my mind while doing it) , or I will only ride horses that I have raised or trained myself. Even then I am still very fearful in certain circumstances. Cathie Hatrick-Anderson will be giving a clinic to teach her methods to attendees on just how to deal with these fears and to work on overcoming them therefore getting your "riding life" back! This is a "people only" clinic so you will not have to bring your horse. At the end of the clinic if an attendee so chooses and feels comfortable, a horse will be provided to try Cathie's methods with (riders will be on a leadline to try the methods if they so choose) Cost will be $35.00 per person.. snacks/light lunch/drinks will be provided.. Bring a chair!!!  PLEASE RSVP BY THURSDAY AUG 30 Prepayments can be made out to and Mailed to Jessica Nelson 10 River Rd Weare NH 03281.... Once expenses are covered for this event, any overage will be donated to Becky's Gift! Thank you !!!


I found Cathie while specifically looking for a riding instructor who dealt with fearful riders. The cosmos took me to her page. I was in a horrific riding accident where I broke my neck and my hip and shattered my jaw. Her method taught me how to interact with my horse the way I always wanted and never thought really existed. With her patience and guidance I was able to feel safer again and am now back to riding my own horse (different one!). I sing her praises to anyone who will listen and am looking forward to her clinic! Lynda McKeen.

 I remember the day I lost my confidence to ride. I blamed my horse, blamed the people I was riding with. My lack of confidence and fear led me to end up with multiple horses. In working with Cathie Hatrick Anderson. I developed skills and techniques to build my confidence and learn how to handle situations under saddle and relax my body so I don't send mixed messages to my horse. I am very excited Cathie is doing this clinic, and able to share what I have learned!

Jennifer Driscoll.

Trailer Loading Clinic Procedures For Safety 

 When: May 21st 1:00 pm -4:00 pm

Where: Bobcat Farm 270 Mendon Street Upton, MA 01568

This clinic is a labor of love! I go to so many jobs for problem loaders and find so many things that are wrong, wrong ties, wrong way to lead, breast bars left down with escape doors open, halters that won't break, trailers hitched wrong, lacking pins and more.  Normally when one does a clinic, they have several demo horses, at $75- $100.00 per hour so they can make a good days wage. I am doing this clinic with no clinic horses as I will use mine at the end of the day. This is NOT about teaching problem loaders, this is about teaching YOU so your good horse does not become a problem loader. So much can go wrong, this is usually the fault of the handler. The horse never chooses it.

Keep your horse safe, prevent accidents. Straight Load, slant or stock trailer. Tools for tying, traveling, Proper order of procedures for loading, self loading and unloading. How to hitch your rig. Pre registered is ONLY $20.00 this gets you hands on experience all afternoon! You will not just be auditing, you will participate! I must recieve payment in mail by 5/21/17 or you will have to pay $30.00 at door.

Paypal accepted, send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

or personal check made out to Cathie Hatrick-Anderson


 Don't miss out, book your date now Monday through Friday availability in 2017

I may have a Sat or Sunday available but I am competing many weekends myself.

It does not have to be a big clinic it can be a small private one at your barn.



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