2019 Clinic Schedule

 During the slower Winter months how about learning a new way to lead your horse to stay safe going in and out of gates/stalls. Do you know there are many accidents that happen on the ground from pushy fearful horses? Use your down time to create a new relationship with your horse. Work on your problem loader, lunging techniques, stall manners etc. Talk to your barn mates and lets get these issues solved so you can look forward to 2019 with new confidence!                                                                      

 Horsemanship Ground Work Clinic

March 24th

11:00 -2:30

Using horses at Bobcat Farm to teach you new skills and techniques to take home to your own horse, or the horses you manage. If only my horse would let me soak his feet. Allow me to de worm him, stand in cross ties, stand to be mounted, lower his head for the bridle, load on the trailer, lead better, stop crowding the gate, stop crowding me, back up, pick up his feet, stop pinning his ears. Fill in the blank_________ $25.00 per person. $20.00 if you pay in advance by March 20th paypal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail a check for $20.00 made out to Cathie Hatrick-Anderson and sent to 270 Mendon Street Upton, MA 01568.This will be a hands on clinic with everyone participating, or just watch, your choice!


 The Winter ground work skills training was a wonderful experience. My sometimes temperamental  OTTB and I were able to increase our already incredible bondwith our ground skills. We were able to get to that nexr level very easily from this clinic. Her tecnique gave me the ability to see quick results. She showed me ways to get precise, clear communication with mt horse in a way that didn't leave either one of us burnt out. I left there with a list of skills that my horse and I can work on in the privacy of our own barn to contimue to keep our bond strong. I recommend this clinic to anyone who has those days or moments with their horse that leave you feeling like you just aren't  clicking and seem stuck. You will walk away feeling refreshed and ready to go with the knowledge and techniques she teaches you.  Jennifer Cappuccino 4/4/2019

                                                                                     Winter Ground Work Skills

      March 2nd 2019

11:00 - 2:30 p

Location Bobcat Farm $15.00 if you preregister by Feb 27th

$20.00 at the door.

Pay on line here

Or mail a check made out to Cathie Hatrick-Anderson send to 270 Mendon Street, Upton, MA 01568



 Hello horse friends out there! You don't want to miss Cathie Hatrick-Anderson's clinics. She's the best and there's nothing this lady doesn't know about horses AND she's only in Upton MA! If you're having any kind of horse training problems with your horse, Cathie is THE go to horse lady who will help you! Bethany Condon


Can’t recommend this clinic enough.

We tend to make excuses for our horses, what they “will” and “won’t” do, and we move around them unconsciously. The basic leading and groundwork exercises that Cathie teaches are a little mind blowing - they’re so effective. My horse now does all those things she “didn’t do” and is so much more relaxed.

I urge all horsefolks, no matter your experience, to spend a winter afternoon learning some things you can work on now, when it’s not riding weather, and have a better year once it is!
With gratitude, Marcie Freeman and Willa


    Trouble Shooting Training Problems

Sunday Jan 27th

at Bobcat Farm

11:00 am -2:00 pm


$15.00 if you register by Wed Jan 23rd. Pay via snail mail or button on my rates page.

Checks made out to Cathie Hatrick-Anderson or pay $20.00 at door

 Hands on learning for all attendees using my trained horses. (And a youngster that is not as well trained). Participate a little or a lot, or just watch. Take home tools you can use with your own horses to improve your relationship. I will teach you a new way to lead your horse that will change everything! Hands on learning for all attendees using my trained horses. Lunging, leading, soaking feet, behave for farrier/trimmer, crowding through gates, stall doors, hard to de worm. You name it.


                                                               If I can get my horse into a pool, I can get yours to load in the trailer.




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