2022 Clinic Schedule

                                                                                           Private horsemanship clinic at

                                            Run and Gun Ranch Norfolk MA


                                                                                                                        March 18th

                                                       Private Clinic For

                                                Roots In Nature 4 H club 

 I will be teaching up to 18 members of this club horsemanship techinques, leading, lunging and navigating obstacles.

During this two hour clinic at the farm. I am going to start by showing them my horse skulls so they will be educated going forward with correct information about how the bit affects the horse's way of going under saddle.

I will also teach them a easier way to halter a horse, by having the horse lower their head to the level of the handler.

I love being able to educate the next generation of horsemen and woman.

We recently traveled to Cathie as part of a grant we were given from the RI 4H foundation. We really wanted our 4h group to get a good solid beginning in horsemanship, and horse safety. We found the perfect place to do it. Cathie’s gentle horses, quiet confidence and equine expertise are unmatched. The kids had a great time. They were amazed with how well the horses listened to them, and how much they learned. The parents were impressed with her instruction, and the opportunities their kids were given to lead horses around the ring, through a gate and even over a pedestal! We can’t wait to go back for our next lesson, and are so appreciative of the wisdom the 4h group now has to use in handling horses at our own “home barn.” Christina Bielunis 3/23/2022



                                                    April 23rd 2022

                 Versatilty Demonstration at Gore Place Waltham MA    

                   Click the link below to watch a 7 minute video of our demo



              Click here for more info about Gore Place                             




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