Bitless Bridle Clinic 

"Cathie is a Certified Bitless Bridle Instructor, and this DVD featuring Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle is so beneficial. The improvements in the horses and riders, after Cathie's teaching and the change from bit to bitless bridle are clearly evident. Real Horse, real people - all different - accomplished successful transitions, Definitely worth viewing."

Natural Horse Magazine volume 9 issue 4 

This DVD is packed with information, and training techniques to promote a smooth transition for a skeptical rider or difficult horse.

Safety should be the #1 priority for the rider and the horse. Dr. Cook’s Bitless Bridle accomplishes this in a way, one could never hope to achieve while using a bit. That is unless you are a master horseman. Those who are not ready to throw away their bits entirely can still experience riding an entirely different (and better) horse by riding bitless. Alternate if you must between both methods of communication.

Teach a beginner the basic skills of riding without inflicting pain on your school horse.

See how four different horses behave, first bitted and then bitless. During an afternoon clinic, four randomly selected horses each with different problems are first ridden by their owners in their usual bridle (three in bits, one in a mechanical hackamore.) Subsequently, Cathie talks the viewer through each step of the transition process during which these same horse are introduced to The Bitless Bridle for the very first time.

Because of their problems when bitted, each of the horses required slightly different groundwork training before transitioning to The Bitless Bridle. Cathie then demonstrates under -saddle work using The Bitless Bridle. Finally, all the owners ride bitless for the first time, demonstrating the degree to which their horses bit induced problems have been solved, even in this short period of time, much to their rider's satisfaction.

Also included is a presentation using a horse's mandible (jawbone). Cathie demonstrates how the 'bars' of a horse's mouth, where the bit lies, are sensitive knife edges of bone.

Learn other interesting facts that Cathie believes everyone should be aware of before they climb aboard a horse. This DVD will permanently change the way you ride your horse. Be prepared to enhance your relationship with your horse and increase your performance. The results will amaze you!

This DVD is a two part set it is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes long. This should be your favorite DVD that you will want to share with your friends, not only will you get tips for under-saddle but many training techniques for ground work so you can practice before mounting up! Remember these are horses that had some serious issues that are addressed on this DVD. Two are off the track Thoroughbreds, a Morgan, and an Arabian.

This DVD is reasonably priced at $48.00
Shipping and Handling $3.00 total $51.00

 Please mail a Personnel check, bank check or money order
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Cathie Hatrick-Anderson
 270 Mendon Street
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Read what a few people had to say about this new DVD The first is from a lady in Texas who had inquired vie e-mail about differences between a hackamore and Dr. Cooks Bitless Bridle:

I wanted to write an let you know how much I enjoyed the bitless bridle video. It was like auditing a clinic; lots of good information in it and working with real horses with real problems versus the clinicians already trained demo horse! I do believe I’m going to try one on Ben. You’ll recall Ben is a 13year old gelding (that thinks he’s a stallion when he’s around mares). He will ride in the hackamore, but tosses his head a lot. A habit I think he developed to avoid any bit or control. Thanks again for putting the video together!
Ann (TX) 

I was very impressed with Cathie Hatrick-Anderson’s “Bitless Bridle Clinic” DVD. It was great seeing these anxious, out of control horses transformed into calm respectable riding horses in such a short amount of time! Great job Cathie – thanks!

Carole Iverson
President, The Bitless Bridle, Inc.

I called Cathy to come out to help me with some issues I was having with my 3 y/o green broke draft horse. Once again I am amazed in the difference in my horse with just one session. Before Cathy's visit I was getting pinned ears, head tossing and backing up when I asked for I am getting forward without a fuss...before she left she let me borrow a copy of the DVD she made of her bitless bridle clinic.. Even though I already ride bitless in a rope halter, she said there is lots of training tips in there, also. I sat down that night to watch the tape and all I can say is "GREAT JOB CATHY"! My husband always said that I was going to get hurt because I had "no control" without a bit...after watching the tape, he said he was GLAD that I never put a bit in their mouths to begin with. He got to see first hand that its what's in their head, not what's in their mouth that counts. He also commented that this is the FIRST tape that we have seen (and we watch lots of them) that a trainer actually demonstrates on a horse with issues and you see what can happens, and watch the change in the horse before your eyes...most tapes demonstrate the end result on a finished horse and you never see what can go wrong or right with the average horse. Even if you don't want to ride bitless, this is great DVD to watch for gaining your horses respect on the ground and in the saddle (and I'll bet you'll change you mind about the bit, too!). SORRY Cathy, but you not gonna get your DVD's back! I am keeping them to add to my library of information!! :) 

Nancy Perry

Thanks, Nancy I had only been to Nancy's place several years ago to help her with ground manners on a youngster, then put the first ride on her spotted draft a year after that. I had told her I was starting all young horses without a bit for at least their first ride because I felt safer should the horse get quick or nervous. I would add a bit later if she chose to. I was pleasantly surprised to come back, yet another year later to find she had continued bitless, despite other trainers unwillingness to help her if she didn't put a bit in her horses mouth. 

I found Nancy's horses to be very soft, and responsive, because of the firm but gentle training she has put into them! They love to be around her, and respect her. I was involved in very little of their training, so I won't take credit for that. Three visits in the course of three years. You don't have to be a professional to make this work!

Cathie Hatrick -Anderson

If you're looking to learn horse training and bitless bridle use, just watch Cathie Hatrick-Anderson's DVD, Bitless Bridle Clinic. I was so impressed in many ways. Cathie's level of knowledge of the anatomy of the horse's mouth and how the horse's breathing is all effected by the bridle is unbelievable. Also, unlike many other training videos that I have watched, Cathie gets to the point and does not belabor an issue. Her comfort and self-assurance in handling the horses tells you that this is a very experienced and informed trainer. After you watch Cathie's DVD and her explanation of why we should all ride bitless, you will cringe every time you see a bit in a horse's mouth. You will also learn from the DVD how YOU can train your horse to adjust to the bitless bridle. It is so wonderful that we have people like Cathie who will step out of the traditional mode to educate the rest of us to a more humane way of dealing with our beloved horses. Cathie is a true professional and a well trusted trainer.

Jane Ingersoll-Mahoney

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