"Her specialty in training problem trailer loaders was well presented as she worked with a reluctant pony. By using a trailer loading simulation to set the ground work away from the trailer, the pony knew what was expected from Cathie’s cues as he was brought to the trailer. Cathie’s firm but patient approach paid off with the pony self loading."  Lori Milne 

 Versatility Clinic with Cathie Hatrick-Anderson

This was an interesting clinic and a bit of an eyeopener. Cathie Hatrick-Anderson taught the clinic and I was very impressed with the job that she did. Learning to send you horse over an obstacle as opposed to riding over the obstacle was interesting indeed.In this clinic I played with one of my horses, Junior. Now, keep in mind that he has been out on the trails his whole life and bridges are not an issue with him.So when I came to send him over the “bridge”obstacle, I fully expected him to just walk over it.
Not quite what happened. And I can’t blame it on the artificial flowers on the sides either. After some work, he did finally decided to walk up on the bridge. But instead of continuing on, he just stopped.OK, what do I do now? This exercise on sending them over is releasing the pressure at the obstacle itself so they basically make the decision to do it themselves. So, was I supposed to apply pressure in the no pressure zone or just wait until he woke up from his nap on the bridge and may-be move on??? This is where I hollered CATHIE-what do I do?????

Cathie figured since he was over the half-way mark it was OK to ask him to move along. Junior also turned out to be the most stubborn one on the “tarp with water” in it. No way he was going to touch that. I was patient with him and kept working at it.And yes, you are right, this gave me some major homework.

It was pretty cool to see the improvement with the other horses in the clinic and how Cathie worked with the issues that each one presented. Cheryl’s horse did real well considering it was just the third time that she had taken him out.Jane got to bring her other horse to Cathie this time and was well settled in. Kathy’s horse did well on the obstacles but had some work on just relaxing.

Thank you Cathie for a great clinic.  Becky Kalagher President of BSTRA

I want to thank Cathie Hatrick Anderson for a fantastic clinic today @ All In Stride Farm, we all had a BLAST. ThankUUUUUU!!! Stacey Bongiorno Ux

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  I had the good fortune to bring my horse to 2 clinics with Cathie. The first clinic I brought along my own brush & branches to show Cathie the fear my horse was dealing with. By the end of that day he was confidently walking and standing on top of the branches! Away I went with some new tools, set up a few of my own obstacles at home and continued to build upon the foundation that Cathie helped establish. Two weeks later we attended our second clinic where we continued with ground work and then moved to under saddle work – when I bourght this horse just over a year ago, I had transitioned him from a shank bit used by his previous owners to a D-ring snaffle with a lozenge which he just leaned into. Cathie replaced my bridle with a Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle™ and after a few minutes of work I was amazed at how much softer and responsive my horse was in the bridle and in his body. I am a massage therapist for both humans and horses and I was amazed to see the usual muscle tension he holds in his ribs melt away and soften as the work progressed. He was so relaxed and responsive once I was back in the saddle that I had the confidence to pick up the canter. Upon arriving home, I placed an order for The Bitless Bridle and am anxiously awaiting its arrival! Thank you Cathie for helping both me and my horse, I am looking forward to our next lesson. Bettyanne Cernese 9/24/13


                                          Cathie introducing a participants horse over a teeter totter. at Yankee Walker Clinic. 

I met Cathie Anderson last summer when looking for a versatility coach. I wanted to prepare my horse and me for the exciting new Versatility Competitions that are spreading across New England.  I immediately liked her quiet philosophy of a no-nonsense approach to discipline combined with immediate reward and release. In June 2012 our Yankee Walkers Club hosted a Versatility Clinic with Cathie Anderson.  The event was very well attended and our participants and auditors learned a great deal about communicating with their horses both from the ground and in the saddle.  Though her specialty is with colt starting and re-training problem horses, Cathie is also talented with teaching intermediate and advanced horses and riders. Before the end of the clinic, we were very happy that Cathie became an official member of our Yankee Walkers Club to show her support and learn more about our gaited horses!  Julie Dillion NH


"This was the best day of my 2012 working my mare Corvena through obstacles during a Versatility preparation clinic with Cathie.  The clinic was graciously hosted by the Yankee Walkers Club at Julie Dillon’s lovely farm in Goffstown NH.  Two of my other horses and I have worked with Cathie for the past 8 years honing my horsemanship skills at every session.  This Clinic was quite rewarding as this mare has a history of being very reactive when faced with an unfamiliar challenge..  With a little coaching from Cathie, my mare remained quite calm and confident as we introduced her to this daunting swimming pool, the flapping of flags and even an amazingly scary looking (at least to me) teeter totter.  Cathie worked with us on the ground with each obstacle to be sure the horse was comfortable with the task at hand.  When we were satisfied, I was able to mount and work each obstacle.  Much to my surprise, Corvena marched through this pool without a second thought and manage to carry a very nervous me over that teeter totter without issue.  Many thanks go to Cathie for coaching me and my horses to a greater level of confidence!" Kelly Parliman Mont Vernon NH

                                                Cathie and Ricky at 2nd back to back clinic in Mont Vernon New Hampshire 9-24-2013

Trailer loading Success! June 2011

 We had 4 demo horses who were worked with during the clinic, and at the end - each of them were self load & unloading successfully. 

 If you have a problem loader, and there is another clinic nearby that you have the opportunity to go to - even if you can not get your horse TO the clinic, I recommend attending as an auditor.  There is so much useful information and learned techniques that you can review, try out on a horse there, and then take home with you to train your own horse. 

 Edinger Farm - Rehobeth MA
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April 27th 2008. My husband and I just finished our second Saturday clinic at Bobcat Farm with our two Rocky Mountain horses. And I could not write enough good things about what we took home with us. Not only do our horses seem so much more relaxed and safe, I feel like I came home with a wealth of knowledge I never got spending 3 days at Equine Affaire. Whatever issues we had with each of the horses Cathie did a phenomenal job of helping out. We just love her horsology! Everything she does seems so easy and makes so much sense. She has a wonderful way with dealing with horses. I think she may have some 'horse' blood in her somewhere. But even more importantly, she has a great way of helping the owners to understand what she is doing so we can take it home with us and use it everyday to maintain the beautiful relationship we horse owners dream of achieving with our horses - and human companions. Bob and Cathie host a clinic that is truly worth your money and time. They were also so helpful in accommodating our horses since we brought two at once. Thanks Cathie and Bob!

Doris and Scott Hills

New Hampshire Clinic April 2009

Hi Cathie! Just want to let everyone know you are the best! I was at a standstill training my 3 year old Tennuvian, Paqo. You were fantastic and patient with him and ME! Now we are out of our rut and on the road to hit the trails.. Looking forward to your coming and giving him his first real ride.. Your compassion for horses is endless..(and their owners that have spoiled them!) Also, you were wonderful with my rescued MFT Rhythm, you fully understood her fears and anxieties, and was still able to get on her and ride her without her getting all upset, as I was told she needed to be headed to keep her quiet.. Obviously NOT! Your the best.. cant wait till we see you again.. Renate, Paqo, Rhythm Mont Vernon NH

Update. The second real ride went great. We were able to ride around the indoor, halt nicely and remount to ride some more. Paqo will soon be hitting the trails. Cathie


Cathie flexing a demonstration horse at her Bitless Bridle Clinic
March 18, 2006 at Breezy Hill Farm, Holliston, MA.

Hi Everyone, this is the worlds worst skeptic. I went to a clinic Cathie had on May 18th. I'm now convinced regarding the bitless bridle. I have a 8 year old TB how is a very well behaved guy but he has started to become very heavy in my hands. He also refuses to bend to the right. After just minutes in the bridle I was seeing and feeling incredible results. He was immediately relaxed and forward going. I was even getting a much better bend to the right. I can only imagine how well he is going to go after more time with the bridle. I'll keep you posted.

Cathie, I just had to update you on my experience with the BB. As you know, I participated in your clinic with my gelding. My initial opinion of the BB was good but I still had my doubts in regards to going home and using one outside of an enclosed and controlled environment. After your clinic on the 18th I went ahead and purchased my own BB. Well, I'm so happy to report I went ahead and decided to take the plunge and go riding with the BB out on the trails. I honestly couldn't believe how WONDERFUL my gelding went. EVERYTHING about him was better. He wasn't as spooky, he was so much more relaxed, he was listening, and most importantly he and I had the most wonderful ride together. I can't wait for the next one. One of the things I noticed with the bridle is I'm using my voice and body much more to communicate with him. He is so responsive it is just amazing. I HIGHLY recommend everyone get this bridle. The results will amaze you....

Rhonda Hyson

I attended Cathie Anderson’s bitless bridle clinic this past weekend with my 16 yr old Arabian mare. She has always been ridden in a hackamore and does well without a bit. I was looking for a kinder method to control her, as I feel the hackamore can be harsh across her nose or under her chin. I understand that the bitless bridle exerts control by distributing gentle pressure over a wide, less sensitive area. I hoped to try the bridle in a controlled environment under experienced supervision. I couldn’t have been happier with the results! I didn’t feel a difference between the hackamore and the bitless bridle as far as control went, and was thrilled to know I could get the same responses from my mare without hurting her. I’m sending in my order for a bitless bridle this week and look forward to seeing how well she does out on the trails. Three other horses attended the clinic too, two Thoroughbreds and a Morgan. They were three very spirited horses who pranced and danced while waiting to participate. I wish everyone reading this could have seen the difference in these horses after using the bitless bridle. After Cathie worked with them for a little while and put the bitless bridle on, each was like a different horse. One horse that could barely stop moving while bitted, walked docile beside her owner after her session. One of the thoroughbreds needed three people to take his bridle off, but stood still to be mounted and was quietly ridden once he had the bitless bridle on. I saw each of the three horses (that went from bit to bitless) completely stop chewing, tossing their heads, actually relax, and act more controlled then when they were being ridden/handled with a bit. Honestly, I expected to go from hackamore to bitless bridle fairly easily. I was extremely surprised to see the horses go so easily from a bit to bitless. All horses were trotting, and some cantering in the ring while using the bitless bridle. It seemed effortless and I can’t say enough about the experience or the bridle!

I finally got my bitless bridle in the mail and used it on the trail for the first time on Saturday. I totally love it. When I asked Lacey to slow down a little at the trot (instead of going as fast as she possibly could), she didn't fight me and toss her head and get all irritated. I think it's a big start. It's nice to know that a 17 year old can change. This was a 2 hr lazy trail ride that I did by myself. The challenge will be when there are others around us to get her worked up. I'll keep you posted on my progress. 

Kathy Mercurio

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