Driving Bitless



This is my own testimonial regarding driving bitless. I hitched Cachina for her first time with no bit. Did I worry about not being able to stop her? Absolutely not. Why? Because I knew I had complete control without one. Prior to hitching I ground drove her in a rope halter or a Dr. Cooks bitless bridle. (I switch back and forth. Being western, the rope halter suits me fine. For a cleaner/English look the bitless bridle looks lovely). I had her pull a log 5 or 6 times and she was super responsive. She knows what whoa means. Putting a bit in her mouth wouldn't give me any more confidence as I did my homework, trusted my horse and she trusted me.

What amazes me is when most driving people go to shows, or drive at home even, they bit the horse down. They want the bit to be able to give the most severe correction available. I say if you need that much torque to stop your horse you should never get behind that horse in a vehicle.

Although a horse and carriage is a lovely sight to observe, it's one of the most dangerous things you can do with your horse, right up there with trailer loading. If your horse is a trained, trusting animal, neither poses much of a risk. If you have any problems with trust or obedience, your in a world of trouble with both. My number one priority when working with horses is for both of us to stay safe.

Happy trails,

Cathie Hatrick-Anderson

Cachina's second time ever hitched to an easy entry breaking cart. She was very soft, responsive, and her breaks are fine tuned. We are on our way! Who needs blinkers or bits!

Jan 6th 2007 Heidi Jane Sardina M.Ed. Driving  Cachina. This is Heidi's first time ever driving.

The person driving below (me) was so badly hurt in a horseback riding accident that she never even made it to intensive care. (They had to stabilize me first and then operate because I was bleeding out).  Saturday at your house was the first time that I had control of a full size horse, besides just handling them on the ground. I Never drove a horse before but had no fears with using a bitless bridle - Heidi 

Jan 6th 2007 Cathie Driving her 6 year old mare Cachina. We added a check rein to the bitless bridle. This is her 10th time being hitched to a breaking cart. She is doing awesome!

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