First Time Horse Owner

As an adult who was new to riding, I feel very fortunate to have met Cathie. Cathie has taught me how to handle horses on the ground, making me a more confident rider in the saddle. Her lessons are fun and varied, geared to what the student is interested in learning all the while keeping safety a priority. She will take video clips of our lessons and offers feed back for improvement, which I find very helpful. I also reference her large volume of YouTube videos to reinforce my lessons. Her clinics are also wonderful for all training needs using hands on learning with her horses. Cathie has dedicated her life to working with horses and it is clear this is not just a job but a true passion.

After leasing a horse for six months at Bobcat Farm, I felt ready to purchase a horse of my own. Cathie worked with me closely to find the right horse, which isn't always an easy task. I would highly recommend having Cathie work with a potential horse prior to purchase. She helped me each step of the way, and I couldn't be happier with my new horse! Sarah Klein 2019   



Confidence Builder Extraordinaire!

 I was working at a stable when I first saw Cathie’s business card tacked on the wall. Somehow I knew I would meet up with her someday. I didn’t have a horse of my own, but was working on finishing my barn and getting one very soon. Sure enough I met Cathie when she came to work with some horses at the stable and even though she didn’t know me from Adam, after talking briefly she offered to let me come over and ride her horse. I thought that was pretty cool. Shortly thereafter, at 41 years of age, I finally got my first horse. Danny Boy was 9 years old at the time and I didn’t have much history on him, except that he was a slow poke and was described to be a “jerk” (not my choice of words) in a ring. But he was advertised as a beginner’s horse. Right away I knew that he was a little more than testing me with his domineering behaviors. From refusing to pick up his feet, and then “falling” while I was cleaning his hooves and pulling his back feet away and kicking out at me, to swinging his head aggressively at me and practically running me over. I could handle him o.k., but did not know how to go about changing his behavior. I had no training experience and did not even know how to lunge him. I also did not know what his aggressiveness potential was. I called Cathie to come work with us. She has helped me tremendously in so many ways. She doesn’t just train my horse, but she trains me with patience (most of the time) J and is very affirming and encouraging. We have gone from groundwork with the lead, to now free lunging and she has started teaching me how to deal with behaviors while in the saddle. I knew that there was a good horse in Danny Boy, and who knows what he has been through…. He is not the cuddliest horse, but sometimes he forgets the tough guy exterior and extends his head to me gently to let me kiss his eyelid. I am so grateful that God put Cathie in my life just at the right time. She is an excellent horse and people trainer! TeddianneParent



Karla is pictured here as she finishes a horsemanship lesson using on of my horses to perfect her skills and take these new skills back to  her own horses.

I started my horse ownership late in life. I rode as a kid or I should say moseyed under the saddle but now I have been blessed with the ability to have acquired two great horses. I love them but after my big purchase all I knew was the bare basics and I knew nothing about how to work them, ride them and how to really enjoy horse ownership. I found it very hard to find a trainer since I am older and didn’t want to show or compete I just needed someone who could help me learn. I did hire two different trainers; the first one was (at least I felt) to heavy handed and was more concerned about how the tack looked than teaching and the second trainer I encountered was a screamer and quite frankly that just doesn’t work for me and my horses weren’t liking it either. Thank goodness I was referred to Cathie. What’s great about Cathie is she already knew I didn’t know anything but she didn’t berate me she just showed me how to correct it. She has the patience of a saint she doesn’t yell or scream she’s just makes sure she’s the one in control and shows you how to do the same. She’s started me with ground work then onto riding. She really has a way of making it look easy but then she breaks it down to a human level so you too can speak horse. I cannot thank her enough for the knowledge she has bestowed upon me. Karla Doyle 12/14/15

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