Friesians of America Northeast Inspection

When I chose a trainer to start our Friesian cross gelding Twain, I chose carefully. I had seen Cathie work horses at seminars and local events. She had a firm hand. She was kind. I could see horses gain confidence and trust in her. I called her to help me with Twain. At almost 16 hands at two, he was big and he knew it. My granddaughter Tee and I knew he loved us but he didn't respect. I booked Cathie to start training him. The first session went very well. I booked the next session. When I asked of Cathie next was to work magic. I had just been asked to host the Friesians of America Northeast Inspection. This required Twain to stand for Judge Peter Lert accompanied by FOA's stallion director Carolyn Everett, having only six sessions with Cathie. She agreed to do her best. For the next five training sessions, they worked on standing for the judge, walking and trotting on the required triangle and at the same time, learning to work in hand.

When the day came, we watched our two year old do what we had only imagined. It was clear that our horse had not only done what he was asked to do, he had also grown confident and obedient. We were proud of Cathie and Twain. It was obvious to all of us that Twain and his trainer had a relationship; that Cathie had control of this big, young horse and he trusted and respected her.

Thanks Cathie for training with kindness, patience and a wonderful understanding of horses. Thanks too for training me with kindness and a sense of humor!

Dana Mclaughlin and Tiara Yahnian



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