I am writing this review because I want to let others know how happy I am with the progress my horses have made since Cathie has been working with them. I first contacted Cathie just over a year ago. I contacted her via email asking if she could work with my Appaloosa mare. Cathie was quick to respond and very willing to help.My mare is 10 years old and has had little training. I have worked with her myself, and well, she developed bad habits. She is a grouch to put it mildly and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more scared. Ireally wanted to help her develop into a horse that I was comfortable with.Cathie has done such a great job working with her. My mare has certainly tested Cathie and pushed the limits on what is acceptable.  Cathie’s patience, direct manner of teaching and her ability to time corrections when needed, has resulted in my horse becoming a lot more willing to learn. She is more relaxed when working. She is trying when asked to do something new and not balking or becoming “pissy”. Cathie always rewards her for trying and this is extremely important.I also want to say that since meeting Cathie, we have not used a bit at all. My mare did not have issues with being bitted.  All her training and riding has been done in a rope halter or the bitless bridle. She has responded extremely well to this. I’m looking into getting my own bitless bridle.It hasn’t been easy for Cathie, I presented her with a challenge and she has done nothing but impress me.  I am very fortunate to have found Cathie and have her working with my horses. Caryn Brainard 7/16/2015


Hi Cathie, Sorry I haven't taken a moment sooner to say what a pleasure it was to have you come out to work with Panda, my 3 1/2 year old gypsy. Although I felt he is basically coming along pretty well,  I also felt that he had some behaviors on the ground that were starting to become worrisome. He was naughty in the cross ties, although he was pretty much making a liar out of me while you were there, and his increasingly threatening snarky faces and bottom turning at me while eating his hay in the field while I try to work around him intuitively seemed to be something that was going to become a very bad scene without some behavior modification!  I recognized that, I ,not he, was the problem and as a young horse under my care it is MY responsibility to be sure he becomes a "responsible citizen".
  Your effective, direct and no-nonsense approach was refreshing and helpful to both me AND my horse! I feel like I have some tools to work on these issues now and I will practice what you have shown me to correct his behavior. Already my leading him into the paddock has shown a bit of improvement.
 I like horses that have a personality and sometimes the ones with the personality also have an opinion! I hope to be able to take your horsemanship course and  also have you come out again for guidance as we improve our handling skills (and Panda becomes the gentleman he is meant to be!)
I would recommend you to anyone who has ANY specific issue with their horse that they would like to improve or correct, I cannot say enough about how well you communicate what you are doing to the horse and teach we humans to work together with greater understanding!!
Appreciatively, Laura Furlong



I highly recommend Cathie Hatrick Anderson of Bobcat Farm.  As a farrier I believe Cathie has the best skills to teach a horse to stand respectfully for me to complete my work to insure safety of farrier horse and owner.  I have worked not only on horses with hoof handling issues, but she has worked on 2 of my own personal horses.  I have hired her in the past for a problem loader and she opened my world up to how important it is to have clear leadership on the ground before a horse can trust to be loaded into a trailer.  My current horse is a rescue with an unknown past who has hoof handling issues.  I was able to get some good work on him myself, but after bringing him to one of Cathie's clinics I am able to ground tie him and handle his feet for trimming and shoeing.  Every time I run across a horse who can not stand still for being worked on, or the owner does not know what corrections to make, I suggest Cathie from the start.  Cathie had made my job easier with some very difficult horses and I am forever thankful and look forward to working with Cathie in the future!  My next goal with my own horse is to ride him in a Dr. Cook's Bitless bridle.  He has a very sensitive mouth and I think if anyone can successfully transition him from a traditional bridle it will be Cathie.  My horse is very sensitive but he loves how Cathie is clear, direct and sets him up for success right off the bat which is very important to me.  Thank you Cathie, Teddy and I will be seeing you this summer for sure ! Beth Lewis AF Equibalance FarrierServices, LLC  1/14/2014

Cathie Helped me with my horse Emma. She was patient and not only helped solved the problems I had with Emma but taught me how to deal with them as well. I have also used Cathie on colt starting with two of my youngsters. I wanted my youngters to have the right start in life. She has been an invaluable source of information for me. She has been there every time I have needed her. She was fantastic when I had a problem loading my mare Emma and took all the time we needed to get over the hurdles we had. I would use Cathie again in a heart beat. I highly recommend Cathie. Linda Bloomburg.

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