Trailer Loading Clinic
With Cathie Hatrick-Anderson


Saturday May 15th 9:00 – 1:00 pm

(Rain Date) Sunday May 16th

72 Old Elm Street Bellingham MA 02019

BSTRA members audit for free. Non members $10.00

Contact: Cathie Hatrick-Anderson (508)479-5266

Demo horses $50.00 for BSTRA member non member’s $70.00 – one opening available

Cathie will start with the trailer simulator it will be designed to simulate the techniques used to successfully load your horse on any type of trailer.

Trailer loading problems are directly related to leading problems. Once we are able to lead the horse up to and over a tarp or piece of plywood. We’ll address the proper way to approach a breast bar. We will work on standing quietly, and backing slowly.

Once horse and handler have mastered all of the skills required to be successful we will approach the trailer with a goal of self loading.

Words from one of hundreds of happy clients over the years.

Have you ever just given up on trailer loading? Don't give up - just call Cathie.

"We struggled with our horses for a long time. Sometimes they would load, unload, and then not get on again to go back home. Other days we would try to load them for hours. They were clearly unhappy and so were we. Our experiences were not safe ones either. Cathie worked with us a couple of times and our horses now self load willingly, ride calmly, and slowly walk out. We actually give their tails a little tug when we're ready! My husband and I couldn't be happier with her training and our stress free trailer loading! Thanks Cathie for getting us through this. We are all better for it"! Linda Chita

Article appeared after the clinic, by Kathy Wicks




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