Bitless Bridle Demo
at Spring Willow Farm Mendon, MA.


Cathie demonstrates how to fit Dr. Cooks Bitless Bridle to Erin MacPhee on Simon -owned by Karen Laude.

Erin was already alternating between a bit and a rope halter, with allot of work, love and patience she had already made great strides with Simon. She was actually delighted to find out he liked the bitless bridle better than the rope halter for steering, brakes and reining back. Erin stated that the rope halter had a bit too much play, sliding on the face during turns.

This is Bucky, Cathie and Bucky share an incredible bond, maybe it's because they both came to Massachusetts from California. They are constant travel companions. Although Bucky has passed from this life, he continues to help his fellow horses by educating their owners about the damaging effects of the bit. Actually seeing and touching the once sensitive bars on Bucky's jaw makes a lasting impression on horse owners.

No doubt Bucky is cantering on the streets gold in heaven - pure gold is very soft

Revelation 19:11
And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called faithful and true,...........

Cathie explains how inserting a bit not only causes unnecessary pain (extreme pain in the hands of a novice) but interferes with a horse's ability to breath properly, since the two pathways are anatomically separate except at the throat as in all mammals. (That includes us humans!) 

Blue indicates the respiratory pathway - breathing channel.

Green indicates the digestive pathway - eating channel.

That means that one function (Eating OR Breathing) has to give priority to the other. If we are about to exercise, we would NOT put something in our mouth! Yet most of us place a  bit in the horses mouth. This causes the eating reflex, this tells the horses brain to eat, meanwhile that means he has to narrow his breathing channel, just look at the diagram. Now he no longer has a totally open airway from his nose to his lungs, yet we are asking him to carry us, walk trot canter with an obstructed airway. I would call that unnecessary cruelty, even if we never touch the bit.

Defined in New World Dictionary Of American English

Willful infliction physical pain or suffering upon a person or animal, or mental distress upon a person (I'm pretty sure a horse has mental distress too, if an airway is obstructed, there has to be distress.)

I'm so happy horses are such forgiving creatures, as I used bits and was cruel to many a horse. I wish I had known about the inside of a horses mouth a long time ago.

To learn more, go to Dr Cooks web site and order a copy of "Metal In The Mouth"

Thank You!

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