My Own Testimonials

 Here I will post of few of the products I love! as well as a few horse training testimonials I wrote myself.

(Hey it's a sorry pup that don't wag it's own tail) Most of my clients are very pleased but there are so many that were from years ago, before I ever had a website. There are some, that for various reasons, too busy to even think of it, just don't want to admit they had a problem or that they had to hire this cowgirl to put the first ride on thier horse, fix a problem with aggression, etc. I don't have to mention any names, but just wanted to write about some memorable jobs as I get time. I am so grateful to those who took the time to say a few words about how I have helped them. This is what helps me grow stay in business, it's my livelyhood. It's not too late, you can shoot me an email with or without pictures and I would be happy to add it!

 Telesis Equiderma Neem & Aloe Herbal Fly Spray

I have not really used this on my horse too much as a fly spray, but I will try it more this year. I use it for myself for mosquitos. I have since used it for my horses works ok, nothing really seems to keep those pesky flys off our horses. Love the wound cream, as well as the wash for the private parts, Great products from this company! All of my boarders, and many of my clients love Equiderma products

Got mosquitoes? certain area's or times of the year you may have a problem with these pesky little blood suckers. At a horse training job I was getting attacked as well as the horse I was suppoosed to be working with. I work in all kinds of conditions, not a sissy, but I said I can't work in this, and I can't find my deet. I hate to put poison on my body or my horse, but somethimes we just have to, so we avoid getting bitten and getting something worse. My friend that had met me at my job said she had some "All Natural" spray in her truck. I said "Sure we'll just see how this stuff works, all natural never works" I started reading the label to see what kind of poison it had it in to make it effective, she said "None" I read the label as I like to know what is going to get absorbed through my skin. NO POISON, wow!

If you are near  The Cheshire Horse in Swanzey NH or the Mane Place in Uxbridge MA,  Crop and Carrot in Spencer MA pay them a visit or go straight to the source.  I bought two. One for my truck and one for the barn, and had it shipped. - 1-877-358-3001 

                    Check out the website, products for rain rot, sweet itch and more!

Neem Oil Equiderma's Fly Spray is a Superior Natural Product developed for use in the Florida Everglades. Soothing formula, for even the most sensitive skin types. Equiderma Neem & Aloe Fly Spray is water-based, so it does not leave a sticky, oily residue. Also contains Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, White Thyme, Lemongrass, Citronella, Lemon Peel, Tea Tree, Bergamot and Lavender.

Re ride  - A first ride gone bad, I was called in to clean up the mess.

I was called out to re start a Mustang mare. The Owner and young girl had watched a Clinton Anderson Video on colt starting. The owner related to me, that when it got to the part to canter, the video explained to spank behind. I'm not Clinton Anderson, so I do it a little slower, and usually just walk first day, sometimes walk trot,  and end on a good note.

I found this on the interenet Jan 2016 below from the young trainer that had tried to ride her before I successfully restarted her.

Several years ago I was helping train a mustang mare. It was my second ride on her and something caused her to spook. She unseated me just right and my foot slipped through the stirrup, which caused me to get dragged underneath her when I fell. She stepped on the back of my knee, on my back twice, and on my head. My helmet was destroyed but I survived with no broken bones. I did have severe muscle damage on my left side which took some time to heal, but all in all, I was very fortunate...always wear a helmet!!!

My opinion....  it's much harder and very dangerous to clean up a mess like this. Odd's are the horse will buck again, as it's had a 100% sucess rate. In starting over 350 young horses, I have never had a horse buck me off or even offer to buck. I have done MANY re rides but owners are usually too embarrassed to talk about it, and and going forward, I refuse to do these any more, so If you are thinking about having me start your youngster, I would be happy to, but you have to call me first. No more cleaning up messess created by owners or trainers that have never started a horse in thier life. I know there has to be a first time for a young trainier, but I can choose to allow them to find someone else for ride number two. Why should your horse have to go through a saddle slipping under his belly because the person did not tighten the cinch enough, or bucking through fences, or picthing themselves in between a forked tree, round pen panel etc. because they were over tightened? a human hanging off his side?,  and having his first time under saddle be so tramatic?


 My re ride went well, she was tramatized by her past experience, and trembled in fear at times, but we both got through it, I never forced anything on her, I rode her bareback first, then got her to accept the saddle she was so frightened by. I did this by advance and retreat, reading her moment by moment, we were able to trust each other, I rode her in a rope halter, and Dr. Cook's bitless bridle. After just a few sessions no bucking ever under saddle.  Walk trot only and out of the round pen and doing some versatility. I was so proud of this mare. I handed her back over to her owner and that was the last I worked with her, only two sessions if memory serves. I heard they had a few ups and downs but I was happy to see them out on the trail where I took this photo of the pair.

 "Cathie worked with my 4 year old Nokota mare "Prairie" and myself to get her started under saddle. Starting with ground work and continuing with her first rides. We learned so much and had such a good time in the process of reaching our goal I was sorry to see our sessions end. Cathie also started my Gotland pony "Jake" ground driving. I went to Cathie's for winter driving lessons (which she very generously offers for free) and he is now a very proud driving pony with his very own buggy! Cathie is a person who will get the job done. If you want your horse started right or you need some problems corrected and you want to be part of the process then you want Cathie. Thanks Cathie for a great job! Dotti Bisson Dutton Downs


 I appreciate the nice words but I need to mention this was a reride, I did not put the first two rides on her, just the next two. I did them bitless.


 Last updated 11/24/18

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