Pony Club Clinics

Norfolk Hunt Pony Club - April 11, 2009

Cathie came out to work with our younger members on April 11. We used one well-behaved pony with relatively good ground manners for Cathie to show the members what is (and is NOT) allowed. The primary purpose of the clinic was safe trailering of their mounts – an area that can be extremely dangerous if not approached carefully. Cathie also worked with them on the jog out required in pony club. She was especially meticulous in showing them how to get a safe right hand turn and why it adds control and respect to their relationship with their beloved ponies. Then, Cathie worked her magic by showing how to handle the less respectful mount. She gave a clear demonstration of how to approach ground manners issues – and how small issues in leading can add up to bigger issues with trailer loading. Both our kids and the attending parents learned a lot even while working with our relatively polite pony club mounts.  We are all looking forward to another chance to see Cathie in action. Thank you, Cathie, for helping our kids to continue to learn the importance of all-around horsemanship!

Gail Schmieder, DC Norfolk Hunt Pony Club

Upon arrival to the clinic in Sherborn I was told that one of my demo horses had not arrived as it decided it had other plans than attending my clinic. One of the parents commented "What a great opportunity for a field trip" so off we went to Trish's house....

Cathie worked with my Percheron/TB cross Robin this weekend. Robin had recently begun to have issues loading on the trailer, which had never been a problem before. In very short order Cathie helped re-establish the appropriate boundaries and who was in charge, he was clearly responsive to her methods. It is work all horses need, she presents exceptionally well to audiences of all ages and does phenomenal work with horses of all types.

Trish Twining

"Ground Manners For Great Ponies" at North Star Farm on 2-09-03

At the time of the clinic we had around 12 members and everyone attended on a cold February evening along with parents to see you quietly work your magic with ponies that took advantage of their riders. Our group came away learning that ground manners are very important. The partnership begins on the ground. Ponies are notorious for taking advantage of situations (they see grass they would like to eat forgetting that this 40 lbs of child is trying to get them to do something else) and this clinic provided ways for children to handle ponies without the use of chains or other bully methods that our kids were not interested in using.  Our pony clubbers are asked at a very young age to be able to handle a variety of situations, one being the jog out at all mounted rallies. Our own pony in particular thought this would be a good area to let everyone know that he preferred to move when he wanted (as in not at all) or at his pace( very slow or at light speed). Needless to say my kids were a bit frustrated. Cathie worked with our pony and with my kids successfully mastering a jog out. The kids grew more confident and the pony happily did his job.  I know all kids just want to love their ponies and it is hard to set up parameters for their equine partner. Cathie taught them that having parameters is good. The horse likes to know what is allowed and what isn't. It was a wonderful experience for all that attended and I know the kids have used your methods with great success. Many thanks, Betsy Maling, Norfolk Hunt Pony Club

Paddock Pals Pony Club at Marlborough Equestrian Center " 2005"

Cathie did a clinic for our Pony Club last year; she helped the kids (and the horses) teaching the importance and the techniques for obtaining proper ground manners. We have a few members with their own horses and Cathie worked with the kids to help them deal with each of their horse's issues. She was patient with both the kids and the horses. I continue to use Cathie to help me with my horse who is a very difficult loader!! He is getting closer to being able to go to a horse show and get home thanks to Cathie. Kim (DC Paddock Pals Pony Club SNER)

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