Problem Loaders

Cathie Arrived at 9:00 am as agreed, she taught me how to "talk" to Promise with a little ground work training for maybe 20-30 minutes. we were on the road by 10:23

She walked me through the parts of the hitching process, how to lead and communicate with my mustnag and got him loaded within 30 minutes. She got him to think it was his idea. He is home with us safe and sound with his buddies. Thank you Cathie!!!  Dawn Stanley 4/19/2024

Huge thank you to Cathie. For some reason a friend’s horse refused to load after our trail ride. 4-5 of us tried for over 4 hrs. We called Cathie (it was Sunday at dinner time ). Cathie worked calmly for 14 minutes and got the horse on!!!! What great emergency help. MaryEllen 4/14/2024 (Actual owner of horse, not on social media)

The picture below is of the horse that would not load. The owner did hire me a few days later to work with this Mare. When I went to to help on Sunday April 2024 The mare had been tranq'd, blindfolded, pushed, pulled and would not load for anyone. I used a whip to tap her when she went off to the side of the trailer. Soft to harder until she straightened out. When she was facing the trailer tapped til she took a step, then rub her for one step forward. pressure, relase. On the follow up appointment She was fresh, no drugs, full of fight, rearing up before we even got to the trailer. I was told she was hormonal. I joked "So am I, and I outrank her"! She tried to run me over several times when I asked her to back up. She was so bad, I asked the owner if she was ok with my corrections, as I had no interest in dying for her mare. She was ok, we continued until the mare could do what I asked which was stand still. Once we went to the trailer I switched from being defensive to compasionate. And she switched from fight to try. She loaded up in 15 minutes. We loaded and unloaded many times, then shut her in, owner went around her house, unloaded. Then loaded her up without my help.

I Hired Cathie for trailer loading training and was a complete success. Cathie is very passionate about what she does and we were able to load him over and over. Now I have a horse that I can take anywhere, he self loads for me. I have never had such a positive horse loading experience in all my 27 years of trailering. Highly recommend Cathie. A+ Debra Benati Aug 17th 2023

Cathie came to help me with my mare who I was having trailer loading challenges with. Her approach is incredibly comprehensive. First she spends time closing the training gaps on the ground - yielding to pressure, moving the shoulders / hind end, backing up, etc. Not only does she make sure the horse understands the cues, she makes sure the owner is confident doing the same work so everyone is speaking the same 'language'.

Only then is the trailer loading issue addressed and by then the root causes have mostly been fixed so what is typically a theatrical affair was a relatively quick (Less than15 min) loading process once my mare realized her usual evasions were no longer an option.
By breaking it down to simple building blocks, Cathie provided mare and I a true, and independently repeatable, solve rather than a one-time quick fix. Both horse and I walked away from the session empowered and confident with trailering. Thank you so much Cathie! We can't wait to get out and about this season! Marth Ross Feb 8th 2022  If you want to see footage of this lesson go to my you tube channel Cathie Hatrick-Anderson and type in

                                 Problem Loader Two Horse Straight Load

Follow up from a new client asking for a reccomendation on Area I USEA facebook page looking for a trainer for a problem loader.

"I ended up contacting Cathie Hatrick -Anderson she was great We came up with a plan. She was able to come to my house and help me. She really communicates well with the horse and owner. I was able to get Daisy on the trailer a few days after and done with such ease. She definitely deserves *****!" Jessica Cato Zachos 11/12/21

Hi Cathie- I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help on Tuesday this past week - I was able to use the tools that you taught me to get my mare loaded. I took Whim off property on Wednesday and out again on Friday in Uxbridge- all loading attempts were under 5 minutes! Yesterday she got right on for the first attempt for the way home! As you know this normally could exceed an hour. I know it will just get shorter and shorter with more practice. Thank you again! Sarah Sky 7/18/2020

Great morning of training for Foxy with Cathie Hatrick-Anderson!! Highly recommend her! Bobcat Farm she is excellent!!! Foxy gets right on the trailer now - like she used to! Monica Roy Desormier Aug 10th 2020


Hi Cathie, I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with your trailer training of my warmblood mare Raya a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday she left on lease and practically trotted up the ramp to get inside. Great work! and thank you! Cheryl Amaral 10/10/2018

There's a lot of debate about who is the greatest.  Jordan or Lebron? Beethoven or Mozart? Renoir or Monet? Brady or Manning? When it comes to problem loaders, there is no debate. Cathie Hatrick-Anderson is, quite simply, the best. As the owner of Savannah, I extend my deepest gratitude to Cathie. The thought of trailer loading keeps me awake for many nights. I responded to Cathie that she reminds me of the most accomplished martial artists: 1) They use their authority with purpose and do not let their egos control their actions. 2) They are willing to tackle tough issues. 3) They respect their students and themselves. 4) They are always joyous and positive but know when to be serious. 5) They operate with patience, speed, timing, power, balance, flexibility, and posture. 6) They are true artists who are committed to their profession. Thank you. Lisa Diagle   10/27/2017

 Note: It had been years since I had ever used a chain on a horse, but this big beautiful horse Savannah had gotten loose from it's previous handler, and was dragging me away from the trailer, Rather than risk the horse getting loose, I opted to place the chain under her chin, on future visits, this horse no longer required a chain as she trusted me to keep her safe.

I can not thank you enough for helping Lily learn to load her horse. After 2.5 hours trying to load her last weekend she thought about not riding anymore, it had become that stressful. Cathie did an amazing job teaching my daughter, myself and the owner how to handle a stubborn difficult horse. I would recommend Cathie and her training to anyone with a troubled horse. Leslie Bove. 5/5/17

Hello Cathie. I met you about 3 yrs ago in the parking lot of Tufts, in the pouring rain, desperately trying to get my mare on the trailer to go home, with vet techs who were of no use (they were newbies). Almost in tears, you appeared, asked to help and assured me you could get her on in a few minutes. You were so nice, and helpful with your instructions and patience. My mare was on in 10 minutes!!! I was so relieved and stressed out that I thanked you, jumped in my truck and headed home to Southern Vermont. I never got your name. I remember calling Tufts the next day to see if they could figure it out, to no avail. I was searching youtube for trailering tips and came across your videos. So glad I did. I was mostly following the advice you gave me that day, but clearly missing some points. As it can take 5mins - 1.5 hrs to get my girl on the trailer! She isn't dangerous in any way (thank goodness), but she is obstinate! Its a will of the redheads, that I eventually win. But I would like her to be more respectful of me. I remember you being my angel that day at Tufts. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity that day. I will continue our trailer training tomorrow. My goal is to get her to self load, as I am usually trailering by myself, so I need her to be more respectful. She is a big warmblood with big (donkey!!) ears and she can be stubborn! Thank you again. I'm really glad I found you. Robin Kristiansen 2017

 Recently we had to move our mare to a new barn that was closer to our house. All was good, except this girl is a PIA to load. My first time trailering her took 3 hours with a tranq. Knowing how hard she was over the summer, I thought I'd be proactive and tranq her before we started. Two hours later she was not loaded and the tranq had worn off. My mother in-law suggested contacting Cathie to get her loaded. We called her and she was at the barn in less that an hour. Moreover, this mare was loaded in less than 20 minutes. It was really amazing to witness. Cathie was firm, but fair. It was a very stress free experience for my mare and really amazing to watch for all of us! Out of 5 stars, Cathie is a TEN! Cady Ober Spencer


Thank you for all your help with the trailer training with Mosey. Just one 2 hour session, and she was (self) loading and standing quietly on the trailer. I may have eventually gotten there but with a lot more stress, probably a few scrapes and a lengthy fight. I've had horses my whole life, but I like to get these things done efficiently and with someone who has a trained hand. You knew exactly when to release and when not to - when to put on pressure and when to back off. That timing and expert "feel" makes all the difference in the world in getting the job done. Then you taught me what to do. My daughter and I self-loaded her on our last trip to the show. She got a little upset seeing the trailer but we did what we all learned and she was loaded in under 10 minutes (safely) for both the ride there and back. I know it will only get better, and everything she learned that day is now the foundation for moving forward. I would encourage anyone with horses with trailer problems to just get the help. Save the stress on your horse. It is a very good investment, as trailering can be dangerous for both people and horses. Jen Mitchell

Cathie is an awesome trainer!
Helped me today with my loading issues. The horse loaded right on then I got a lesson about loading. It was needed. Cathie is very to the point and good at why she does and works her trade everyday. The horses get it when around her, but the most import part is she trains owners to understand how to think around their horses!
Thank you again my friend!! Larr Rancourt
Larry Rancourt


Horses really respect and respond to Cathie — she was able to give us the tools to work with our gelding Tuck, who was pushy on the ground and had problems loading. We’ve made some good improvements with him and still refer back to our first lessons and Cathie’s videos online to help us when we get stuck. We would absolutely have Cathie back in the future! Alyssa Harkness Holdeman 2016

                                           Nancy using the trailer simulator to practice.

 I can’t thank Cathie enough.  I was having problems with my horse pulling away from me on lead rope especially when trying to load her on trailer or just around property when moving her away from her favorite herd members. I had seen Cathie show a friend of mine loading techniques last year so decided to have her work with me.  In just 2 hours Cathie stopped these behaviors and taught me how to feel more confident and take control of my girl.  My horse is great on trail but it was just back to basics of ground work, simulator trailer, loading & unloading in actual trailer.  Her whole attitude changed after Cathie worked with us last week.  My friend and I actually split the day with Cathie.  Even though we had to pay for her to drive 1&1/2 hours each way for our training it was well worth it.  Wish she lived closer.   Thanks, Nancy Marrier 4/19/2016


Cathie recently helped me with my 14 y/o Percheron mare and her not so stellar trailer loading behaviors.  The last time I tried taking her anywhere it took me 3 hours, 5 people, and lots of bribery to get her on the trailer.  She would plant her feet and refuse to move or try to run & drag you with her.  I came to realize she would always win that battle.  I heard about Cathie through word of mouth, and decided enough was enough, I needed help.  In 2 short hours, I was absolutely amazed by my horse's progress.  We started with leading techniques, moving to the simulation trailer, then the real thing.  Cathie was patient and kind with re-training both me and my horse, we learned together.  She has the amazing insight into 'horse psychology'.   Bianca looked for me to be her leader.  Cathie taught me how to be her leader again.  By the end of our session, my horse was loading with ease.  Cathie even had her self-load a few times, something she has never done before.  I thought this was all too good to be true, however it all is true!  About a week later, I got the trailer out.  My horse got right on for me, no fuss.  For the first time, I was able to load her by myself.  I am so amazed and happy with what Cathie helped us accomplish together.  I cannot thank her enough!  Anybody with trailer loading issues, call Cathie!  Thank you again!  Kyle & Bianca 2/27/2016

Despite Winston's disbelief  "Really Shari" at the trailer simulator, with leading practice, and work at the trailer simulator, Shari is able to duplicate what Cathie taught her and Wintson about going forward, giving to pressure, and self loading. They are able to go off down the road, around the block, come back and load up again without Cathie's help.

The picture you see of myself and my friend Winston. We have had issues with loading onto a trailer. I have never had a horse that wouldn't go on a trailer. Well I do now.... Yup..1400 lbs. of..... Today I don't feel like getting on the trailer. Don't care - planting myself - tippy toes just over the edge so you can't close the ramp.. Nope not going... Mind you... there is no fear - just plain don't feel like it stubborn. One day it took me three hours to get him on. The next - 10 minutes. Then, last winter, we had snow from hell. Barn roofs coming down and I was one that would have a trailer hooked up just in case anyone needed it. Well, what if I needed to get him on and I couldn't What if he is injured and I can't get him on because he is hurt and scared. I couldn't bear it if anything happened to him. Everyone kept telling me to call Cathie. So, I called Cathie. We finally connected - she watched as he took advantage of me - then showed me very quietly how to take my space back. Show him boundaries - and taught me how to relax and just let it flow. The same day, I was self-loading him... I still self-load and he comes off a couple times - no big deal I just ask him to go back on - and he goes - I still can't believe - Why did I wait so long - it is great to be mobile. Not have to worry is he going to go on - now it's... what's next and where can we go. If I have other issues - which we all do- I know who I'm calling - Thank you Cathie! Shari and Winston 2/16/2016


Thank you very much for your help with Titans trailering issues.  While he would load most of the time, there was the occasional time he would take a long time to load.  I was amazed how quickly you were able to discern the problem (which had nothing to do with the trailer) and work with me to gain his respect and trust.  You methodically worked with us from ground work, trailer simulator, to actual trailer.  In the end of two short hours you had him self loading with confidence!  Thank you again so much for you help!  I would highly recommend you to anyone dealing with behavioral or trailering issues! Marcy Silver 1/4/2016

            After our session at Wendy's Farm,  Wendy and her horse Connor trailer to Bobcat Farm for a follow up on ground skills

Face booking Cathie was one of the best calls for assistance I've ever made. At 10:00 p.m. I never expected a reply until the next day or two, but within minutes and a few messages back and forth, I was lucky enough to get an appointment with her for the next day and what a learning experience it was. We started the session by looking at my trailer and equipment needed to work my horse. She made some suggestions and recommendations for specific safety items I may want to use. Briefly she worked Connor in his stall to see his reactions to various requests she made of him. Then she asked me to lead him around 2 obstacles in the paddock to the right. This I knew to be a trick experiment, but it showed her my weaknesses which she immediately addressed, first with Connor and then with me working Connor. She showed me countermoves to his moves to avoid my requests. In the beginning I was asking the questions to Connor in a manner that was confusing to him, resulting in something I didn't want. She explained and showed me how to "speak" to my horse in language he understood and it was just amazing how my horse now understood what I wished of him. You could see the lights going on in his head and his willingness to do it right. Once we were working as a team, we moved on to a staged set of a "simulated trailer". That came pretty easy to Connor and we quickly moved on to the real trailer. After a couple of attempts to load him, Cathie saw his issues to avoid loading, corrected the problem and had him loading and unloading in no time, explaining the entire procedure step by step, what his different refusals meant and the correction to unlock each problem. Then the final step was Cathie having me repeat what she did until I got it right and was able to load and unload Connor. It was so amazing how easy she made the process seem and how she was able to pass along that knowledge to me for the same success. She broke everything down into little steps making the lesson for Connor and me simple and a matter of common sense. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Cathie to anyone having issues with their horse and would highly suggest attending or auditing any clinic where she was the presenter. Thank you Cathie so much for making it possible for Connor and I to enjoy this past weekend camping and I look forward to your return to work your magic on my neighbor's horse. Wendy Wolfe Cardarelli 8/11/2-15


Simulator picured above can be made of what you have on hand, here we placed a PVC pipe secured with some duct tape to simulate a breast bar. by the horse's water, we have a silver tarp to simulate the ramp. We want the horse in a place it may refuse, so we can teach the horse to come forward, to  gain a release by giving to pressure. I need to teach my client how to release the pressure at the correct time. Once the horse and owner are doing well together, we all head over to the trailer. Now we know we have taught both parties everything they need to know for success!

HI Cathie I have been meaning to write to you about the visit we had with my Thoroughbred, Bailey. I still go back and think about the immediate change I saw in him that day, and how it moved me. I kept telling everyone I knew how I wish I had met you sooner! I rescued Bailey 6 years ago and spent the first few years with him rehabbing. He had endured the best but also the worst the horse world had to offer. The week came that I needed to have him moved to his forever retirement home and for three days we tried. Close to ten hours each day. We tried literally everything in the book. I had until Saturday to move him and my time was running out. Desperate I turned to the horse community where I was given Cathie’s number. I must have sounded like a wreck when I called her as she made time to come out the very next day and I had my doubts; I think anyone would if you spent 30 hours with zero luck. Cathie came out and we spent about an hour working with the trailer simulator and groundwork before even looking at the trailer. It was clear I was not the leader and it makes sense why he wouldn’t follow me into a scary dragon cave (horse trailer). In a very short time I was able to handle Bailey with clear communication and I could see his demeanor change as Cathie showed him what she wanted of him. I’ve never seen him so quickly able to trust a person the way he did with her. I was terrified when she handed me the lead and asked me to copy what she had done, but sure enough it was working. It was so surreal to see natural horsemanship at work with my own horse. I mean you see the videos and hear the stories but seeing it with your own horse was moving. When we approached the trailer he had his moments. Cathie repeated the same lessons we had learned in the first hour. It took Bailey maybe ten minutes to step into the trailer. No fuss, no fear, and simply complete trust in Cathie. I still didn’t think he’d load for me but sure enough he did. I have never felt so connected with my horse than I did in the hour and a half Cathie worked with us. I will admit when we closed the ramp I bawled like a little girl out of sheer happiness, relief, and being able to watch my fearful horse seem confident in his own right. He would never even eat hay in the trailer and when we got to our destination almost an entire bale was gone. I will never hesitate to call Cathie for help again and I plan on giving her name to anybody I know who needs help. Other than Bailey making it to his forever home and conquering his trailer phobia we were both changed that day. I am forever grateful!!! Save yourself the stress and CALL CATHIE!! I hope to come out to your farm for some lessons soon. Thank You Cathie!!!! Kayla Brielle Croteau

Update: To update you Bailey is doing wonderful at his new home in VT. He's been in the trailer since with no problems. I've tried to keep up with what I learned with my two mares (QH and mini). I still get goose bumps thinking about the day you came out. 8/24/2015

Geting ready to "self load" he walks right on!

Dear Cathie –THANK YOU for helping me with my horse who all of sudden decided he didn’t want to get into a horse trailer.  I never had any issues with him loading but after this awful winter, he decided he didn’t want to leave the farm.  

I had originally planned on hiring you in late Spring to help me with my pony who had a minor accident in a horse trailer and has anxiety staying in a horse trailer but ended up having to hire you for my horse instead.You were highly recommended to me by many members of Equinesite I went to your website and watched every YouTube video you had on problem loaders.  I was very impressed with your training techniques.  I had been looking for someone who does Natural Horsemanship for a long time.  My prayers were answered when I found you.You made me realize that it wasn’t a loading issue with my horse but a leading issue with me.  I learned so much from you in two hours and how important it is to do the groundwork first and using the trailer simulator.  I was amazed that you had my horse self-loading within an hour.   Not only did you get me to load my horse onto the trailer, but you also got me to load my pony (without doing any groundwork first) onto the trailer too.You were so patient but firm with my horses.  You made sure my trailer was safe and gave me some good pointers on what to do and not to do.  You did not leave me until you were confident that I could load my horse onto the trailer myself.  You taught me to be patient and relax when loading my horse. The next day my horse was acting up again and would not get on the trailer.  I thought about what you taught me in the training session the day before and took a deep breath and exhaled.  Within 10 minutes my horse walked into the trailer.  He was testing me.  Now he loads without hesitation.You have a gift Cathie.  I plan to recommend you to all my horsey friends.  I also plan to take some more Natural Horsemanship lessons from you in the future.  Please keep me on your e-mail list of notifications of any upcoming clinics/events you may have this year.You have made me a better horsewoman and I can’t thank you enough. Sincerely,Liz Lagattolla May 4th 2015 

Thank you Liz, I just wanted to clarify, that the hour was spent away from the trailer was at the simulator, pictured above. Once we approached the trailer he walked right on. Then we took  our time to self load in a few minutes, and then I work with the horse and Liz. We take all the pressure off the horse and handler at the simulator, Each owner sets up there own with what they have on hand to simulate going into a tight spot, as well as creating a breast bar so I can teach the OWNER how to set thier hands when they dip under the breats bar.

Hi Cathie,I wanted to thank you so much for the assistance you gave to me in introducing my mare Violet to a straight load trailer. We had only the experience of the slant load step up variety. A straight load trailer is a whole new experience for a horse as I found out at our first unsuccessful attempts. I knew that Cathie Hatrick Anderson could help with this predicament and she and I made an appointment. Her careful and kind approach not only gave Violet confidence but I as well. She set up what she calls the “ simulator” to help the horse process the steps in loading into a straight load trailer. I was impressed how my mare reacted with-out incident.

Cathie’s methodical instruction gave my horse the opportunity to get comfortable and she was self-loading within a short time. I am grateful for her concerns for horse and owner’s safety as well.You are a natural at what you do and how you communicate with horses. So very glad to have received  your help.Kindly,Helen Cheney

 Omg 5 years ago! I so remember this day, I could NOT get her in the trailer and I was totally DONE and ready to sell her, then I called Cathie Hatrick-Anderson and she literally changed me and this mares relationship. Love, love love my forever horse. Melissa Iozzo 10/29/2015


 Hi Cathie, I would first like to start off with an apology for not writing this sooner.As you know, I have had Windy for ​10 years. I bought her when she was 4 yrs old. I started Windy under saddle and did all of her training. Windy is very smart and opinionated, which I love. Unfortunately, through the years I have let Windy get away with a lot of behavior that I should not have. She is great for the farrier, vet and self loaded on "her" trailer. When I no longer "her" trailer, she REFUSED to load on another. Now I had a real problem. After years of making excuses for Windy and not being the Alpha and leader as I should have with Windy, she was not going to budge on this area of trailer loading on a different trailer. I needed to do something, so I called Cathie. This was not an easy call for me. I had done everything myself and to ask someone for help was very hard to do. "NO ONE" touches my horse or even rides her! But, I will say this, there is no one else I would ever let put a hand on my horse for any type of training other than Cathie! I needed help, Windy had my number and she was not going to cooperate. Cathie came over and did a few exercises with Windy and had her on the trailer in no time. Cathie also showed me good techniques to use, and they have worked. I have "NOT" had a problem with getting Windy on the trailer since Cathie was here. I gave an over view of Windy and myself, not to brag, but to explain the situation and relationship Windy and I have had. And the fact that Cathie is the "only" person I would trust to handle my Windy:) As I know, you get the wrong person to teach a horse something, resulting in bad experiences and it takes forever to change that. I knew that Cathie was the right person. Cathie, I can't thank you enough. You are amazing and do great work!Thank you, Kim Dias May 14th 2015

                                         Testimonial coming soon from Amanda Bois (guess she got too busy)

 Amanda could not get her horse on the tarailer to participate in a clinic so I came to her after the clinic. After working in the trailer simulator, and teaching her a new way to lead, with turns to the right, and teaching her horse to respond to pressure to go forward, to avoid blasting off backwards, we were able to get her horse to laod up with ease, so she would not miss any more events held at the Hollis Area Equestrain Ring in Hollis NH.

                                               Cathie and Tyler in the "Trailer Simulator"

This is where we worked on our cues/skills, once we mastered them, we took them to the trailer where Tyler self loaded, the very first time I asked him to.
Hi Cathie,I wanted to send you a note about our trailer training session with my horse Tyler.  What a breath of fresh air you are to us.  As you know, over the past 7 months I spent thousands of dollars and a lot of time with another trainer who actually worsened our trailer loading.  Toward the end of our time together, she had resorted to beating him to get him to load.  My horse has been with me since he was 3 years old, and is very smart, loving and gentle.  I've never had to really discipline him as he is usually always eager to please.  When she told me to whip him so hard the whip might break over his back, I knew I had made a terrible mistake, despite other people's recommendations to use her. To make a long story short, you're patience, expertise and knowledge now has my sweet boy easily loading without fear.  IN JUST ONE SESSION.    How do I ever thank you enough for agreeing to work with us and being so patient with us.  My horse means the world to me so I am most grateful for your help. Sincerely, Debbie LaFrancois

A friend recommended Cathie to me after several weeks of failed attempts to get my horse to load calmly and easily into my new trailer. Since I regularly head out to shows alone, I needed to be confident that I could load my horse all on my own reliably and safely. One session with Cathie completely transformed both how I load my horse and also, my horses entire attitude about loading.

Thanks to Cathie, now my horse “auto loads” so I can easily load him on my own without any fuss or anxiety. Not only did she help me with the problem I requested her service for, the trailer loading issue, but she went above and beyond also coaching me on how to instill good ground and handling manners in my horse. Additionally, she educated me on various safety precautions for safe trailering and made several recommendations for me to consider. I would wholeheartedly recommend Cathie to anyone experiencing trailer loading issues with their horse. She will work with you and your horse in a respectful, kind but firm manner to get the results you are looking for. She is a genius! Fiona Veazey

    Thank you so much for coming out to help me with my mare on such short notice.  We spent over threehours last Monday trying to get her on the trailer.  I had a feeling that I was bringing anxiety to the situation,and her being a sensitive thoroughbred mare, she was definitely picking up on what I was feeling.  I hadheard such positive reviews or your training methods that I knew you could figure out what was preventingher from getting on the trailer.  The minute you asked me to lead her around and make some left- and right-hand turns, it was obvious that I had become lax in my role as her leader.  She zoned right in on your energyand your authoritative demeanor.  I was not surprised at all that she was on your trailer shortly after youpresented her to it.  I genuinely appreciate the extra mile you went in making sure she arrived at her newdestination safe and sound.  If there is anyone out there “on the fence” about whether to use Cathie, letme tell you it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time!  Thanks again, Jessica Ratner. 9/2/2014



  I have used Cathie three times with trouble loaders. She is very professional and reads the horses well. She treats each horse as an individual and she is very calm and patient. It is plain to see that the horses trust her and feel comfortable around her. The last time I hired Cathie I was in a panic because my 4 year old Arab gelding was boarded out at a barn and the so-called trainer there was abusive to him and he would not load. I called Cathie and she offered to drive the long distance that very night and load him for me. I told her that I thought that he was safe for the night and she offered to come the very next day and said that she would be at that barn by 9:00am. She was true to her word. Not only that, but had my scared horse calm and walking on the trailer within 30 minutes. He now loads for me every time. I cannot say enough about Cathie and her training and I have recommended her many, many times. Every person that I recommended her to that has used her, has been extremely happy with her and her training. Kathie Duggan- Duxbury, MA 8-2-2012

 Cathie and Kathie's Arab

Click on the link for a video of reloading the horse at it's destination - home  


Imagine my utter surprise when Cathie came to work with Gaspar. Gaspar being a 17.2 Spanish Norm and all of 1400lbs and immediately Cathie let Gaspar know who's boss. To watch his brain work with Cathie and our rider Noah was amazing to say the least. I set my self far away to keep my nervous energy away and Gaspar was wonderful getting on & off the trailer with such ease and confidence. Cathie brought out Gaspar's ability to learn and learn he did! If anyone would question the value of the time it is well worth it. I look forward to having Cathie come out and work with our smart boy to have him and his people gain more confidence as the summer goes along. Thank you Cathie for showing me that trailering CAN be a very positive and good experience for the horse and their people!Best Regards! Martha Burns.


    Thank you for those who attended...June 8th 2011

We had 4 demo horses who were worked with during the clinic and at the end - each of them were self-load & unloading successfully. 

If you have a problem loader, and there is another clinic nearby that you have the opportunity to go to - even if you cannot get your horse TO the clinic, I recommend attending as an auditor.  There is so much useful information and learned techniques that you can review, try out on a horse there, and then take home with you to train your own horse Christina Edinger Farm, Rehobeth MA


Have you ever just given up on trailer loading? Don't give up - just call Cathie. We struggled with our horses for a long time. Sometimes they would load, unload, and then not get on again to go back home. Other days we would try to load them for hours. They were clearly unhappy and so were we. Our experiences were not safe ones either. Cathie worked with us a couple of times and our horses now self load willingly, ride calmly, and slowly walk out. We actually give their tails a little tug when we're ready! My husband and I couldn't be happier with her training and our stress free trailer loading! Thanks Cathie for getting us through this. We are all better for it! Linda Chita - Blackstone, MA Jan 3rd 2009

Cathie was a huge help to me with my difficult loader. I’ve had horses more than 40 yrs but not a lot of experience with training difficult ones and this one had me beat. He’s an older gelding that I had just sold to an older couple and I wanted to be sure that their new relationship went well without problems. I had trouble for years with him being inconsistent, nervous, sometimes dangerous about loading and riding in a trailer. Sometimes he would get right on. Other times I would try for hours with no success. He was always edgy and somewhat nervous about riding in the trailer as well. I was using all kinds of methods suggested by others but they weren’t working. With Cathie’s clear, calm use of the trailer simulator, she had him understanding in no time that he could do this easily. All he had to do is follow her directions. Within an hour and a half she had him calmly loading, unloading and riding without refusals or nervousness. What a relief!!

He feels better and calmer about it and it’s so much less stressful for everyone. Her methods are quick, clear and easy to understand for both me and my horse. She made sure I understood how to apply the same methods for continued success. The bonus is I’m able to take the things I learned with me to use with other horses and other situations. WELL worth the money spent!  1/11/2014 Kathy James

Rex Happily waiting in trailer.

 I have an 18. 1 hand 10 yr old Hanoverian named Rex, that had my number when it came to loading on my trailer! I am his only owner and between the two of us, we were going nowhere fast. Since my horse lives with me in the warmer months, he and I needed to learn how to trailer off to our lessons as well as clinics and other fun events that I want to do with him. Cathie had come highly recommended by my dressage trainer and a number of my barn friends. They promised me that she would help us become partners in trailering. Our last experience had turned into a 1-½ hour nightmare. Though he eventually went on, but by the time we got to the barn, a lesson was the last thing either of us was mentally and physically up for, not to mention trailering back home! I was a mess and decided to call Cathie that night, explained my concerns.


We set up an appointment for the following morning. I felt hope that I would get to my lesson. All I can say is that I have spent a butt load of money on my horse and this was some of the best money I ever spent on him! In Cathie’s two-hour training lesson for horse and handler, Rex learned manners, I learned how to be the alpha and we both learned how to respect one another. Off we went to our lesson and when it was over I loaded him on in one attempt. I have found in my equestrian years that there are “horse people” and those who think they are “horse people”. To me, what separated the two are those who truly have and put first the love of the horse. Cathie is a true horsewoman who truly loves horses and those who love them back. We are going on and off the trailer like seasoned travelers.Thanks Cathie Kate Seder


Thanks to Cathie Hatrick-Anderson I am able to handle my pushy mare Lacy. Not only did she show me ground work but how to load and unload Lacy. Cathie you totally saved my relationship with my girl. I also feel confident when other people walk her to and from the barn. I can load her by myself and take her to the beach. Was not even possible beofre Cathie's teachings.

"I cannot say enough good things about Cathie Hatrick-Anderson. She has been of invaluable assistance to me with my horses. Her kind but firm handling combined with infinite patience and knowledge is unbeatable.

I used Cathie when I lived in Massachusetts to teach my Arab mare to trailer load for a trip to Idaho. The training was invaluable. When my mare arrived in Idaho, the shippers could only rave about her manners and training!

After I was set up in Idaho and my barn built and a new mare added to the equation I called Cathie again. I asked if she would be willing to spend a week in Idaho working with both of my horses who needed all kinds of help.

Diana leading Amber to the trailer "relaxed". Previously her head was in the air with her nostrils flared and her feet dancing trying to get away.

She agreed to help me. My Arab was underexposed on the trail and my new quarter horse had been beat to get her to load on the trailer. We accomplished miracles in a week. My horses are very well behaved now and I am extremely pleased.

 Diana loading Amber right side Loading Avalon on drivers side next to Amber 



My only disappointment is that Cathie lives 3300 miles away now! Maybe I can talk her into moving to Idaho! I would recommend Cathie anytime". Diana Dawson

       SPHO Hosts Trailer Safety Clinic At Plain Ridge Race Course

Four guest speakers each shared their  extensive experience with horses and trailering. Despite a cold rainy fall day, attendees walked away more confident and more knowledgeable.

The event started with trainer Cathie Hatrick-Anderson, who presented loading and unloading procedures with the focus on safety. She offered training exercises for owners to do with their horses before they begin traveling. Using one of the racehorses “X-Files” owned by Cath and Marc Bouthillier, in a live demo, auditors were able to witness her training.

Cathie recommends working with your horse many times before you travel. Setting up ground poles and jump poles you can simulate trailering. It’s important that horses learn not to rush on or off a trailer and to wait for direction. A panicked or a horse that rushes does not facilitate a safe environment. - Kristy Milo

Thanks Kristy- I have started using what I call a trailer simulator. I set up two jump standards two ground poles and a tarp or a piece of plywood to simulate the ramp. I'll add some pin wheels duct taped (you gotta love that stuff) to the jump standards to make it a little scary.

The reason I started using "The Simulator" was the fact that I would go to a clients facility/back yard, work with the horse, he'd load up in a matter of minutes for me, and then he'd usually load up for my client in 2o minutes as I had done all the work, and he was primed and ready to go.

To see "the simulator live on youtube click here

Problem was the next time my client would try to take the horse somewhere the horse refused to load and the owner had no tools, their timing was off, as it was never tested. Then the horse has the upper hand or hoof as it were, He goes right back to his previous evasions of rearing pulling back, going off to the side and the list goes on.

 Now I work with the horse AND the client AWAY from the trailer so the owner AND the horse can actually take in the lesson without the fear associated with past bad experiences with the trailer. They may have have hit their head, gone under a butt bar, out an escape door etc.

 Before we go to the trailer I have taught the owner and the horse what they need to know to be successful. Now returning for a second visit is a rare occasion.

I don't have photo's for these below, but wanted to include them anyway.

Cathie, Thank you so much!!! My friends and I were leaving the Equine Affaire on Sunday 11/16/08 and my Fell Pony Gelding refused to load. He's always been very good about trailering, but I guess he just didn't want to get on that day. We worked for 2 hours trying everything we knew how to do. No one would help. Several people drove right by us and just stared, but never offered help. We asked the EA staff to assist, they couldn't due to the liability issues. Then Cathie showed up!! She was miraculously parked right next to us and was getting ready to leave herself. She came right over and asked if we needed help. Of course we say YES PLEASE!!! She had him on the trailer in about 5-10 minutes. He walked on calmly and just stood waiting to be tied. She was sent from heaven in our time of need! Thanks so much. Lisa Kyer, Melrose NY

I just wanted to thank Cathie for her expertise in trailer loading. I have a hot sensitive mare and she has been self loading for years with a bit of trailer loading issues here and there but I have mostly been able to work her thru them on my own or with the help of a competent friend. I thought my loading issues were behind me, in March I decided to practice loading to get to an indoor to ride, Indy self loaded great I but up the but bar she then decided to throw her self backwards into the but bar breaking it and scaring herself. Two hours later I finely got her to stand on the ramp quietly I was really going to need some help!
Cathie's trailer simulator is a fantastic idea! The idea of working thru issues away from the trailer and away from a potentially dangerous situation works wonders and it also lets he handler learn and make mistakes with out the pressure of the trailer. Needless to say Indy did load by the end of the session, and I have been successfully loading her my self and before I go to the trailer I practice with the trailer simulator to make sure that there is always a positive connection to loading. Thanks Cathie for a wonderful idea! Lisa Terrell 4-11-13

 September 26, 2007  I have an old (26) Thoroughbred who is my best buddy. I have owned him for 7 years. During the later part of our relationship he has decided that he does not want to load into a trailer anymore. He outright refuses! I had asked Dr. Jay Mirium, owner of Mass. Equine if he knew anyone who trailers problem horses. I found fighting my old friend was getting us nowhere. Dr. Mirium recommended Cathie. She has been successful every time with not a lot of time involved. He was semi-retired and now retired. She trailered him from my home to 3 different barns where I boarded him and now home again. I had a hunter/jumper trainer, where I last boarded, offer to trailer him home in her big fancy trailer. I had seen this trainer "not so nicely" load a problem horse and I wanted no part of that for my best friend. I turned down her offer to have Cathie come in her much smaller trailer instead. She is the only one I trust to get my horse on and transport with no fighting or any tension at all. Its all about kindness and understanding. I recommend Cathie hands down to load ANY problem horse..... Thanks for all the safe trips, Linda

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