Other Services

Horsemanship Lessons  $65.00 hr, second person $45.00

Private Riding lessons $85.00 hr. at Bobcat Farm must start with a horsemanship lesson, if desired, you can do both in same visit. Once you can walk, trot show control, trails are available to ride on your lesson.

I'll teach you to develop a soft feel that will earn you a willing response from your horse. You'll learn to negotiate obstacles, lunging and leading skills using my quiet horses, you can then take these skills home to your horse or truck your horse to me for an hour.


Bring Your Horse To Bobcat Farm $100.00 For 1 Hour - You tell me what you need to work on and that's what we'll do.

I can also come to you for all your other training needs! It may not be on the list if you don't see what you need, please inquire. All off farm work requires a 2 hour minimum. You can share this with a barn mate.


Public speaking at your club or event- call for rate

Halter Breaking Foals $100.00.00 per hour

Versatility Training $100.00.00 hr

Manners For The Vet/Farrier $100.00 hr.

Becoming a new horse owner? Start here, using my horses, learn how to take a temperature,  pick horse's feet, soak a foot, lead like a pro, lunge, send a horse through a gate, into a stall get your questions answered. $80.00 hr. Already bought the horse? It's not too late.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting (Dry fire only at Bobcat Farm) we can truck into another location for live fire, or train your horse at your farm if your town regulations/insurance allow). Call for rates

Driving (ground driving) Truck to my farm $100.00.00 per hour, bring your own harness, use my horse first $80.00 per hour.

Ground driving lessons using my horses at Bobcat Farm $80.00 per hour. Ground driving teaches the student to have soft hands. To see how little it takes to steer and stop so when the rider climbs aboard, they know what it takes to direct the horse. The horse appreciates less pulling on the reins. I have my students take two mane hairs wrap them around their fingers and break them. I tell them do not pull harder than that. I've had plenty of English riders come here and wear gloves. (Not in the Winter) I ask them, Why are you wearing gloves? Typical response... "If I don't my hands will hurt from pulling hard " How do they think the horses mouth feels at the end of their lesson?

Transitioning To Bitless $100.00 per hr.

Problem Loaders $100.00 per hr. If I travel to you two hour minimum plus farm call.

Some times you might be able to load your horse with another person, or in half hour,

and can truck over to learn to do it quicker, or learn to self load.

Training Board Click for more info and testimonials

Regular board - $550.00 per month, click on Our Farm for more details

Evaluating A Horse For Purchase $100.00 per hour two hour minimum for me to travel plus farm call.

 A ride along the beach, my horse or yours! Early spring starting in April or October/November only. As beach is closed to horses during prime season. More details on beach riding page here.


 Last updated 12/29/23

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