Team Penning

"Thanks to Cathie for being brave enough to invite Kierstyn and Risky Cathie's help and patience was invaluable. Thanks Cathie for riding Risky in first to introduce him to his fellow cows, and put Kier's mind at ease. Also a HUGE thanks for not being about winning, but learning and having fun. Although Cathie did an amazing job at getting in there and moving the cows. Kier and Risk fell a little short of being really helpful for their first time out. They had a fantastic time and I'm sure will want to try it in the future."

Ann Marie

"Thanks Ann Marie, I had a great time. I wanted to ride Risky in first to get a feel of what he would do, before we let Kierstyn ride. He did very well since he had never been in the same pen with a cow, prior to that day. That's the same way I introduced Cachina two years ago. We had not been penning since. Although I would recommend one actually introduce their horse to cattle before competing, these guys took it in stride, we didn't ask any more than they were willing to give us. Both of our horses were sporting their brand new Dr. Cook biltess bridles. Risky had the dark brown western, and Cachina had her brand new black western bridle!"


Risky (the tallest of the two) asking Cachina for tips
on penning those pesky cows!
This awesome photo
by Thomas W. Cloutier



Click on this link below to see Helen and Violet penning cows.  I started this mare on cows  at Chippaway Stables until her owner was confident enough to take over. Check out the video below to see this pair do an amazing job!

Thanks so much for posting this Cathie. Violet and I really enjoyed this moment of glory. I am very proud of her. She has come a long way. This mare has improved tremendously because of your proficient horsemanship skills. You have trained both my horse and I with initiating respectful ground manners and establishing dependable brakes. Violet is now far more talented and I am far more confident in knowing how to achieve results. Vi and I penned the cow but you get the credit . Thanks again.

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