Trail Riding


 I brought my horse Ruger to this job, I rode Susan's horse first a few miles out on the trail (previously, he refused to go past this area Susan is riding through) I demonstrated one rein stop and had Susan do this when riding my horse, so she would be able to do it with hers.

She had to do this with Tonka (above right picture)  and then he decided he would indeed like to go forward down the trail.

Tonka received a present from me yesterday...his own Dr. Cook, western, leather, headstall...I decided he deserved the real thing. That's another great thing about Cathie..while she'll put the Dr. Cook on your horse to see how they go, if you happen to have a different style bitless (which I did), she works with you regardless, but once you know your horse can be ridden in a bitless bridle, why not get them the "Gold standard" of them all. Susan Dee.

 The horse below is Sebastian He would not cross a bridge and and go across the street that was over a mile out, his barn was located in Palmer MA too far to bring my horse without adding $$ to the training session So Susan and I took turns riding him, riding the bike He has full bug armor

Cathie is helping me with my thoroughbred Sebastian and she is doing great with him and me. (confidence) The reason why I was drawn to Cathie was her mention of the bitless bridle on her website. This is the first time I found someone who knew about it. I've ridden with the bitless bridle for about three years. If any of you ever decide to try it, I guarantee that your horse's behavior will change for the better. Try it out in a ring, or longe your horse in it just to see how he goes. You will have so much more control and a much calmer and happier horse. Cathie also introduced me to the rope halter for trail and I love that too.

Susan Scott Belchertown MA.



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