Versatility Training


   Hi Cathie I wanted to take a minute and drop a line to tell you how much I appreciate the help you have given to Diva and I. First you took the time from your day at the Equine Affair to help me turn around what started out a disappointing day to one of the most awesome experiences I could ever have with my horse. You patience in working with Diva was exceptional. The lesson at your farm was a fantastic day Diva was so relaxed and thoroughly into learning and when she got stuck you got her over it.  The water was awesome bareback with a halter it was an awesome day for me and my special horse . You are a true horse person and I would recommend you highly to anyone that wants to learn to enjoy their horse even more. Chris Feri


Pictured going through pool at Bobcat Farm 2014 The tires were cut in half and faced down as a safety measure to overcome a prior bad experience.

Great working session for both of us at this clinic. My mare had previous issues with tires before and at the end of the day was walking through these obstacles like a pro. Thank you Cathie. Patience and confidence proved success. And you can bet she found the alfalfa cube if there was one to find! Helen Cheney


Great clinic!! I've competed successfully in versatility but my horse's nemesis was always the swimming pool. Thank you so much Cathie for helping Magnum to understand that the pool is nothing to be worried about either on the end of a lunge line or with me on his back. I'm going to find a pool like your's so Magnum and I can practice your technique!! Norma Fay




"This was the best day of my 2012 working my mare Corvena through obstacles during a Versatility preparation clinic with Cathie.  The clinic was graciously hosted by the Yankee Walkers Club at Julie Dillon’s lovely farm in Goffstown NH.  Two of my other horses and I have worked with Cathie for the past 8 years honing my horsemanship skills at every session.  This Clinic was quite rewarding as this mare has a history of being very reactive when faced with an unfamiliar challenge..  With a little coaching from Cathie, my mare remained quite calm and confident as we introduced her to this daunting swimming pool, the flapping of flags and even an amazingly scary looking (at least to me) teeter totter.  Cathie worked with us on the ground with each obstacle to be sure the horse was comfortable with the task at hand.  When we were satisfied, I was able to mount and work each obstacle.  Much to my surprise, Corvena marched through this pool without a second thought and manage to carry a very nervous me over that teeter totter without issue.  Many thanks go to Cathie for coaching me and my horses to a greater level of confidence!" Kelly from NH

Clinic at Golden Shoe Stable

Cathie, Just want to thank you again for all your help and a wonderful clinic. We hope you will do more clinics for us. Thanks all of us from Golden Shoe Stable. Lisa Pappalardo

Thank you so much Cathie for such an amazing clinic today! I learned so much and had a blast! I hope you come to Lisa's again soon! Thank you again, you’re wonderful at what you do! Brooke Baldassari 


Rocky and his proud owner at Julie's NH Farm

I met Cathie Anderson last summer when looking for a versatility coach. I wanted to prepare my horse and me for the exciting new Versatility Competitions that are spreading across New England.  I immediately liked her quiet philosophy of a no-nonsense approach to discipline combined with immediate reward and release. In June 2012 our Yankee Walkers Club hosted a Versatility Clinic with Cathie Anderson.  The event was very well attended and our participants and auditors learned a great deal about communicating with their horses both from the ground and in the saddle.  Though her specialty is with colt starting and re-training problem horses, Cathie is also talented with teaching intermediate and advanced horses and riders. Before the end of the clinic, we were very happy that Cathie became an official member of our Yankee Walkers Club to show her support and learn more about our gaited horses! Julie Dillion NH



Versatility Clinic with Cathie Hatrick-Anderson

This was an interesting clinic and a bit of an eyeopener. Cathie Hatrick-Anderson taught the clinic and I was very impressed with the job that she did. Learning to send you horse over an obstacle as opposed to riding over the obstacle was interesting indeed.
In this clinic I played with one of my horses, Junior. Now, keep in mind that he has been out on the trails his whole life and bridges are not an issue with him.So when I came to send him over the “bridge”obstacle, I fully expected him to just walk over it.
Not quite what happened. And I can’t blame it on the artificial flowers on the sides either. After some work, he did finally decided to walk up on the bridge. But instead of continuing on, he just stopped.OK, what do I do now? This exercise on sending them over is releasing the pressure at the obstacle itself so they basically make the decision to do it themselves. So, was I supposed to apply pressure in the no pressure zone or just wait until he woke up from his nap on the bridge and may-be move on??? This is where I hollered CATHIE-what do I do?????
Cathie figured since he was over the half-way mark it was OK to ask him to move along. Junior also turned out to be the most stubborn one on the “tarp with water” in it. No way he was going to touch that. I was patient with him and kept working at it.And yes, you are right, this gave me some major homework.
It was pretty cool to see the improvement with the other horses in the clinic and how Cathie worked with the issues that each one presented. Cheryl’s horse did real well considering it was just the third time that she had taken him out.Jane got to bring her other horse to Cathie this time and was well settled in. Kathy’s horse did well on the obstacles but had some work on just relaxing.
Thank you Cathie for a great clinic.
Becky Kalagher
file0218-2-resized          bstra-tucker-over-drain-pipe-resized


My horse, Badger, and I were total beginners at versatility.  Using her extensive natural horsemanship skills, Cathie introduced Badger to each new obstacle, first on the ground and then with either Cathie or me in the saddle. Her training method helped Badger CHOOSE to try the obstacle, rather than "BADGER" him into trying when he was not yet ready. That patient training actually made Badger (and me) braver each week. Badger went to his first versatility event a few weeks ago and Cathie rode him successfully through each obstacle. We are having a ton of fun with this new adventure and Cathie is the reason why.  She has done wonders for my horse and will do the same for you. Lynne Miller 1-29-13

Need a horse to ride? I have two solid horses available for you to ride to try this out.


  Jeff riding Cachina

These two riders below have used what they have learned to start their own horses on obstacles, these skills are helpful to all areas of riding to create a brave willing horse in the ring, or on trails. How far do you want to go?


Leslie riding Cachina



I learned many lessons around versatility from Cathie. For example, when she worked with my horse Smokin' & I she emphasized how important it is not to rush a horse into anything, gradually moving the horse in the direction of the object allows the horse to decide for himself to walk over it (as Smokin' walked over a tarp), walk through tires as Cachina did, or go through obstacles such as overhanging branches on a trail. The most important lesson I have learned from versatility training is patience is key to success! Faith Muello

I wish I had know about this event sooner, as I would have gone every year. Sadly I was able to attend only 2014/15  and jsut learned the event was failing to raise enough money to make it profitable for Everything Equine and Canine to continue. This event was judged and timed, but unlike other judged events that say they want to see good horsemanship but actually place the ones that rush, knocking down courses  or skipping obstacles to make time, This event did not.

With a big crowd, enthusiastic competitors and great weather, the 2015 Extreme Trail Challenge was a fun event for everyone. The theme for this year's course was “Medieval Times meets the Old West”.  All the riders enjoyed taking their turn at jousting and sword play, and then making their way through the course to the last obstacle where they unsaddled and rode bareback. For the second year in a row, Cathie Hatrick-Anderson came out on top. (Yep, she's that good.) The list below shows how close the scores for top prizes was. It was a great showing by all the riders. -submitted by Doug Smith ( I did not include the list) But I did learn this entire event would not be held in 2016 - So sad...


Cathie and Ruger Going over a teeter totter 2014 Everything Equine

and Canine Extreme Challenge. The pair won 1st Place out of a field of 1 7. Cachina (Cathie's other horse) and Daron placed a respectable 8th place at the same event.

What a few more people had to say about my versatility clinics.

Every time I attend a clinic presented by Cathie I return home inspired and invigorated. It's always great to take away a refresher on what I've learned previously backed up by something newly acquired. And her clinics are attended by the nicest collection of people and horses. Thank you Cathie!! Kim Denn

Hi Cathie, First of all, thank you for a wonderful clinic on Saturday.I had a great time (Toby did too) and learned so much.Everything you say and do makes so much sense.I would like to sign up for your clinic on June 30th, Judy Hurleyand I would like to come together.Thanks again Cheryl DeLeone

"Great clinic!! I've competed successfully in versatility but my horse's nemesis was always the swimming pool. Thank you so much Cathie for helping Magnum to understand that the pool is nothing to be worried about either on the end of a lunge line or with me on his back. I'm going to find a pool like your's so Magnum and I can practice your technique!! Norma Fay

Just wanted to thank you for the Versatility clinic. I was very impressed with your teaching style. You are detailed and direct and you are gentle and strict all at once! I would love to learn more from you
in the future.  Thank you again for a great weekend.Loren Stevens.

Hi Cathie, Thank you so much for all of your help yesterday. We all learned so much. Cheryl and I would like to arrange to come to your farm for a lesson this summer if your schedule permits. We will be in touch. Judy and 'Bo'

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