Weanlings / Yearlings

Cathie has helped me so much with my young horse. I started working with Cathie only weeks after I brought my 5 month old weakling (Ivy) home. She helped to give Ivy some basic manners first and then taught me how to handle her. I had no young horse experience and Ivy is a bit of a feisty girl. Without Cathie’s help at the beginning we definitely would have gone down a bad path. I also had Cathie come out to work with my non-horsey boyfriend and his handling of Ivy, which was a great success as well. I would highly recommend Cathie! Terry Brennan 


Halter breaking a foal

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Hi Cathie,  Thanks again for coming all the way to my house to train the rescued colts. They were not handled and were a bit stubborn. You did a fantastic job with halter breaking, leading, deworming, picking up the feet. I couldn't have done it with out you!! Thanks again,jeanne d
                                        Mollie Brooks happy with her little Chincoteague Pony Caught and halter broke in short order.

Halter breaking Standardbred weanling filly and colt


This is the second time Cathie has been to our farm, both times were a complete success. The first time was for my Yankee who bolted into his stall all the time. Cathie got the job done and he has never done it again.

This time we have a foal that's 3 1/2 months old. She was starting to get way out of hand and dangerous to be around.

Cathie came and after one lesson I was walking her to the paddock like a lady!

We had two lessons and never once was Cathie ever mean to that filly!! She has a great sense with horses, and has the knowledge and the common sense to get the job done. I'm having so much fun working with this baby because of the knowledge she gave me.

I appreciate having her around to call on, she has a love and dedication to horses! Thanks so very much Cathie! Sandie Kunkel Dudley, MA

( I went out again to help halter break a little colt when he was just a few weeks old).

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I just want to say and let every know how grateful I am for Cathie coming out to help me with Baylee.   I rescued Baylee from Camelot on 12/13/2012 at 6 mos old and had no idea of the challenges that lay ahead in teaching a baby. Also, I had just gotten back into horses after 25 years, and only had experience with older trained horses.  Once Baylee was healthy she came into her own ( not in a good way) and was challenging me at ever turn.

 She would not walk out of the barn to the turnout area without pushing and pulling. She had kicked a person and came close to getting me as well.  Baylee would pull you over and run into you while walking. Baylee was becoming out of control. I thought " What did I do?".  I was so angry with myself and I was becoming afraid of Baylee. I had to do something and the first thought was to give her to someone more experienced but so many horse out there need homes.  It brings tears to my eyes now just remembering how I felt.  Then,  I heard about Cathie and thought there may be hope if I can get Baylee help.  I heard only wonderful things about Cathie and hoped she would take on Baylee, when she agreed to work with Baylee I was so happy.The first time Cathie came out Baylee was very difficult and when the session was over she was lifting her feet, walking and just listening/ responding to requests.WOW I was amazed and delighted.

Cathie came out to the barn a number of times and worked on very basics to get Baylee started, lifting her feet, walking nicely. moving over, listening; However, she helped with one of the main problems and that was me! I had taken on that mother attitude but not that of a  Alpha Mare, more just  babying Baylee.  Baylee really needed a leader. Cathie took her time to show me and explain repeatedly on body position etc., this helped build my confidence and opened up a whole new world to me.  She started me understanding horsemanship and open a whole new world. 

It was great to go work with Cathie's horse at Bobcat Farm  so I could work on my body position. Also,  attend sessions to see other horses and owners working on problems that come.  I realized that I needed to learn even more than Baylee.   Right now Baylee and I are learning together and we are Lunging which is just a huge step for both of us. Baylee is growing and is now 19 months stay tune, with Cathie's help and guidance we are going to make it.. Forever grateful, Regina


Halter break, leading, ponying, and more.



Cathie,I wanted to thank you again for coming out to help me with Phoenix who is now 8 months old.You are amazing at what you accomplished in this last training session.

She now respects my space and leads on a loose lead, with no pulling.
And to my surprise, you also put a "baby" saddle on her back and got her used to walking around with it and it was no big deal.

I am eternally grateful for all your help. Having a foal at home was a challenge that I would never have been able to deal with without your help.
You have helped me every step of the way. First, teaching her to accept a halter.
Next, picking up her feet. And , now, leading quietly on a loose lead, respecting the human's
And you are great at teaching me how to continue doing all these things by myself.
Cant wait for the next training session! Best Regards, Althea- MA


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 Pictured, the naughty colt, grown up, first saddle.

Cathie is a truly a great horse trainer. She is very effective with any and all behavior problems. She helped us with a very naughty colt who didn't respect humans. She showed us how to discipline him and win his respect and she taught us many little "tricks" for getting the job done. We had problems bathing him with the hose-she fixed it: we had problems picking out his feet- she showed us how to solve that. He reared and acted up when being led- she showed us what to do.

Cathie is well worth the money, I learned so much in a two hour session- as much as in 2 day seminars.  11-16-12 Wendy Ractliff

Difficult Orphan Foal

 "I called Cathie because she specializes in "young" or "difficult" horses. Mine was both!

Cathie has worked wonders with my willful and intelligent and sometimes ill-behaved orphan foal. Having never raised a horse before, I unintentionally have made handling mistakes: allowing her to rear and throw fits at the end of the lead line without swift, appropriate, consistent corrections; incorrectly trying to correct her "mouthiness"; incorrectly responding to her moments of fear, allowing her into my space and not disciplining her to lead properly.

Cathie teaches both horse and rider, and others have been impressed with how much better behaved my filly is (after only a couple visits from Cathie) and how she seems happier and less grumpy. They are using these techniques on their horses, too! I am using her techniques on my gelding, who is sometimes fearful and insecure, and this is increasing his confidence in me and makes him more relaxed and safe to ride.

Cathie has made me a more educated, responsible owner (as well as teaching my 3YO filly to willingly accept her first rider). Her easy-to-use, often quick techniques keep me, other people who have to deal with her, and my filly herself, safer and happier. I now know right way to: discipline, ground drive, longe, mount safely, ride safely and how to deal with unacceptable behavior of any kind.

My horses stand quietly, untied, for grooming and tacking up. My filly stands quietly for mounting and does not move off until I tell her to. I don't mount up for the trails and "hope that nothing goes wrong;" Cathie has taught me to train against potential problems before they even happen. A safe ride is a fun ride. I confidently look forward to the years ahead training my filly.

If you have any doubts, just try her once -- you will see changes immediately and your horse (and others who have to work with him) will thank you. For less than the cost of a new pair of breeches on sale, you can learn to forge a life-long better relationship with your horse. Give her a try!" Maria Bull


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