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If you are in the market for a new or used trailer give George a call.

He can help you with financing too! I am super happy with my new Sundowner Rancher.

George and his staff go above and beyond with attention to every detail.



          I LOVE The Mane Place. This is where I buy my Double Diamond Rope Halters and My leads with leather poppers by  Toklat They also carry Dr. Cook's bitless bridles, please tell them Cathie sent you.


 I have just started using Yucc It Up nuggets as well as Grace's Abundance for my Quarter Horse that was experiencing problems with his feet due to shots last spring. He has also had trouble with itching his tail even after repeated deworming after negative fecals, As well as follow up deworming for ones that are not seen. Ruger had stopped itiching before I started this product but I wanted to hellp his gut health and overall health. He loves the cookies. I add a few extra black oil sunflowers seeds to Grace's Abundance just for an extra treat. I have my 17 yr old mare on the cookies as well. Several of my boarders are using the cookies for different reasons and I will update results soon. I have noticed my horse has more energy than before (normally super mellow which I love) but when I compete in Cowboy Mounted Shooting he really seemed to run better than ever. I love that he's feeling better. The folks at Yucc It Up are so very helpful, easy to work with and happy to answer my questions. I love that they started this buisness because of thier own personal quest to help there beloved pet.
Update only horse not helped is one with chronic diarrhea. She's been on it over  a month 1/2



A Great New England site visit the yellow board!


Years ago I was fortunate to take a two day clinic with Pete Ramey. I have been trimming my own horses for over 14 years. I highly reccommend his book's and dvds

    Click on the photo below for Jeanne Lewis's website

She is great for action shot's and all your photographic needs.





Cahill's Photo click on photo Above

Marleen Cafarelli from CT. For website click on logo below photo.


 Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Got Flags?

Sleigh bells and more!
                                      _______________Tell Them Cathie Hatrick-Anderson sent you! 
This is who my friends and I use for all of our web site needs!

Bethany A. Condon, CEMT

Certified & Insured Equine Massage Therapist


Farrier/barefoot hoof care in  New Hampshire



 Please buy some of these CT made soaps from my friend for yourself or as gifts!


 Tack Restorations

 Harness*Saddle*Custom Belts*Holsters*Sheaths

 Kevin Garrison Lebanon, NH 03766  (603) 448-6545

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I asked Kevin to craft me a sheath for a knife my father made for me, I wanted it rustic, and I told him to do his own thing, I love it! I did cut the top fringe off, leaving fringe on just one side. I left my knife with him, he returned the knife and custom sheath to me in short order I was very satisfied from start to finish.

 Sawmill Meadows Tree Farm
 rough cut lumber
 for horse fencing.
 (h) 508-478-3415 (c) 774-573-3867



I travel all over New England to train horses as well travel with my horse to events.  I trust Jeremy Stewart to keep me rolling! For all of your vehicle or trailer needs give him a call. 774 573-0163


High performance barefoot horses


A great mobile/on line tack shop


 My Brother Bill Hatrick and his families private rail car!



Need a carpenter? too late, My husband Bob! (aka Farm Boy) Is now retired
I've got him working like a rented Mule at Bobcat Farm!

There's just too much work  right here on the farm!

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