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Bob and I welcome you to our farm, we love it here, and we'd love

                    to have you stop by and sit a spell.  (Please call first to make an appointment)                                                        


Our paddocks all have attached run in's the horse gets to choose to go in or stay out.

 This is what Pete's owner (The palomino above) had to say about his stay here.

 "I was lucky to find Bobcat Farm. I've boarded my Quarter Horse at Bobcat Farm for several years and we've been very happy there! The environment is very laid back, my horse has enjoyed 24/7 turnout, excellent care and plentiful hay (and an occasional treat or two). Horse get individual attention and are treated like part of the family. It's also reassuring to have both Cathie and Bob on site. We have enjoyed our time at Bobcat Farm".

 Jennifer Guy

With a long commute Jen said goodbye bringing Pete closer to home. We miss them both but still enjoy Jen's visits to Bobcat Farm.

Our boarders remarks..

My horse is very well cared for by both Bob and Cathie. The farm is a small friendly barn with access to endless trails. Bob works tirelessly to keep all the paddocks clean and the riding surface smooth. Bob and Cathie make a really great team! Bobcat Farm has become my second home. Sarah K.

Bobcat farm is my sanctuary.

Peaceful,quiet, and friendly. My 2 horses and I love it there. They both are well taken care of and looked after.
Cathie is a great instructor. I came with a very green horse that only had a few rides under her belt. Today she is doing so well, she amazes me everyday. And to add a little spice to the mix,I decided to take on another horse,that was really only halter broke. She was brought to Bobcat Farm on June 1, 2015. Because of Cathie and her great instruction, and teaching skills, we put the first ride on this little mare in October 2015. She has come such a long way in a short amount of time, I owe her success to the kind, confident, and knowledgeable handling from Cathie. I feel very lucky to have myself and my horses under her care and her instruction.
I also want to thank Cathie's other half Bob for all that he does. The list is way too long to write out of the many projects, chores, tasks that is done on a daily basis, all done for the amazing care provided to the horses boarded at their farm. I can't thank you both enough for everything that you do. Cyndi Dionn
e (Cyndi moved her horses to her own home in the midlle of 2018)

  After a long search for the perfect horse barn, I found Bobcat Farm.  I immediately loved the peaceful and laidback atmosphere.  I had not been riding for about 20 years and needed the one on one attention of a knowledgeable instructor that made me feel save on a horse again.  Cathie taught me a lot to where I felt comfortable to lease her horse for the year.  An opportunity presented itself where the perfect horse became for sale.  With the expert support and help from Cathie, we then picked up my girl. She has been living at Bobcat Farm for the past 2 plus years.  Cathie and Bob are very attentive to the horses there and treat them as their own.  She loves the 24/7 turnout with ample hay fed every couple of hours. Even when I am unable to get to the barn, I don't have to worry about  her.  Reg E. (Reg's life circumstances changed and she moved on after 3 years)

  $500.00 per month.

Click HERE to take a trail ride with us!

 Your horse will enjoy 24/7 turn-out. Rubber matted 12x12 stalls. We have trails right out the back yard, almost rock free!  No need to cross a road. Ride out to the TN Pipeline, well marked trails. Or blaze your own!  Great cleaning practices, fecals spring and fall mean your horse stays healty! Trailer parking available, bring your own farrier, or barefoot trimmer and vet, or use ours. Lighted ring is maintained and good for riding all winter long. (except for extreme circumtances like a record deep freeze) We do not offer blanketing here, as horses are fed in slow feed hay nets, are not locked in stalls ever, lack of movement would make them get cold. Horses are allowed to moved about, if they feel cold, they move around and warm up on thier own.




Winter                                                                                                      Summer


                        Fall                                                                                                Spring 

Our Little Farm 

 Forget about a 60 foot round pen, this one is perfect at 85'



Or with a versatility "playground"

Truck in for an hour $75.00 or leave your horse at home and take a

Horsemanship lesson $50.00 (introductory price $40.00 for new clients)

  riding lesson $60.00








We ride all season. This is New England, snow will come. Our ring is plowed regularly, and the footing is usually great thanks to my husband Bob!

Our Horses

Newest Addition Meet Jasper!

I was thinking about a new horse in a few years or so... This little guy happened along.

We aquired him at 4 months old, he'll be 2 yrs old on Easter 2019. He's already earning his keep participating in horsemanship lessons with is surrogate parents Ruger and Cachina.


Photo by Peter C. Redding

Jasper attended his first versatility competiton in the fall of 2018 and WON 1st place! (I am holding Ruger's ribbon on my pocket) I was delighted an amazed as he was competing in a field of 9 mature horses. It's the first time I had competed a horse in a in hand versatilty class.

Thanks to "Ron's Body Works"  Horse trailer repair and restoration for the gift certificate. And thanks to BSTRA for the blue ribbon.

I have used Ron's services prior to winning and have been very happy with his work!


                                                                                             Ruger- Aka Doctor Driftwood

This was Ruger's first time at the Marshfield Fair,
just a few months under saddle. Now in 2019 he's a teemeager.

Tom McGinty Photography - http://www.tommcginty.com/roughriders/index.htm

Introducing my new horse AQHA Dr. Driftwood aka Ruger. I bought him sight unseen as a 16 month old semi feral gelding. Vanessa Wright came to Bobcat Farm to photograph Cachina  for her traveling art show "The Literary Horse" Since I had her captive she took some amazing photos of Ruger as well. Please do not take these particular photos without Vanessa permission.

This is NOT photo shopped, that's Scooter riding on the back. Scooter had ridden Ruger before, but this was our first time that Ruger had both of us on board. He took it all in stride.

Thanks and enjoy.


This was Rugers first parade, Cachina's second time. I rode Cachina, and ponied Ruger as he had less than a month under saddle, he was so good, and I was even able to fire a few shots off Cachina while ponying Ruger at the judges stand. (I was riding with the MA Six Shooters) At the end of the parade, he was calm and Cachina was a little fried (she did NOT like the Chinese dragons in front of us), I swapped horses, and rode Ruger through downtown Wellesley MA through traffic and over a bridge, and it was like I was riding a veteran parade horse, and with just a rope halter. Ruger and Cachina were in Upton MA Parade, and Ruger and I rode in Grafton MA parade as well.



Cachina, Cathie, and Hunter, in a one horse open sleigh!

Ask about free winter driving at Bobcat Farm.

Very first time at the ocean and Cachina was willing to go in deep.


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